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NEW on this page: Q3DM6-ish released! 100 brush competition pak!
Except for the odd Q3/Q2/Doom2 map, these maps are all for Quake 1 DM. Besides all the cheesy "ish" remakes, my biggest project to date has been organizing the UKPAK project (a group of UK mappers that are created a set of 8 teamplay maps). The maps on the right are in reverse chronological order (older ones are on a seperate page). All older maps were created using Qoole, later ones using Quark.
Read my maps / games / 3dengine related column here.
Other map related stuff that can be found here: a WAD2 remipmapping tool I wrote (converts WAD3 too). My DMSP (zip, txt) quake mod (play an SP game in any DM map) [review 1 and 2]. Some textures, q1 mapfiles. A lot of 1hr speedmaps of mine can be found here.
Contact me: Visit my homepage (of particular interest may be my Fisheye Quake project).

Q 3 D M 6 - i s h  (feb 2001) (193k)
Another "ish" remake, of Q3's DM6, for quake. Harsh lighting, dressed up in own textures. Not as good as some of my previous maps, but plays extremely well.
C u r v y  (nov 2000) (243k)
Extremely experimental Q3 map that consists entirely out of curved surfaces. Barely playable. No bot file. review.
E 1 M 2 - i s h  (aug '99) (310k)
The final map in my series of id quake map remakes, more compact, more connected, and easier to get round than the original, with some weird architecture and texturing... you can't go wrong really. Go to Skorpions page for an omicron route file. First review at Booya! (9/10), and another at MPQ (4/5). Let Jimbob show you how to get around the map in a few seconds (qwd, 50kb)
U K P A K 4  (feb '99) (3685k)
My map for the UKPAK project. 8 top quality 4on4 teamplay maps made by a group of UK mappers. [you can only download the whole set]. Screenshots of the other maps. A guide. MPQ review.
D M 4 - i s h  for Q2 (feb '99) (192k)
A remake of DM4-ish for Q2. Gets a nice review at The Bighouse: "The emphasis here is on gameplay, gameplay, gameplay" and "... a high mobility, high energy gibfest"
D M 2 - i s h  (jan '99) (171k)
Another map in my "ish" series, this one again has the same connectivity & items as DM2, but is a lot smaller and will feel completely different. Meant for duels or tiny ffa only, feels a bit cramped at times but thats part of the fun. Similar texturing to DM4-ish. [MPQ review 4/5]
D M 4 - i s h  (jan '99) (166k)
A DM4 imitation I slapped together in 1 day. Plays smooth & fast and looks pretty good. Same items as DM4, but slightly "optimized" connectivity. [MPQ review 4/5: "..I found it a really enjoyable map both as a 1-on-1 game or as a 4 player FFA"] ["best map I've played since ztndm3" (reaction on a BW server)] Here's a demo of my mate Brick doing some fancy jumps on the map.
O t h e r   P a g e s   O f   I n t e r e s t :
100 Brush Competition Q1SP pak  (jan 2001) (4064k)
In december I organized a mapping competition (on the qmap board, the thread can still be found here) which required the entrants to make a Q1SP using at most 100 brushes (!) and custom textures. 14 maps where entered, and are all available to play in this pak, including a convenient start map. A lot of high quality and original mapping! Review here. A late entry by CZG. A second run of the competition is nearing completion.
DM3-ish / Slopy / DM6-ish / Paprika / Kasteel / Soepke
I have made 6 older quake maps, most of which (for different reasons) are of less quality than the maps above, though still worth looking at because of the more experimental designs. Have a browse here.
Doom2 maps
And recent ones too. Have a look here.
Maps From Hell
I downloaded all maps from, and while browsing through them I found a couple of real winners, shown on this page.
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