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Capture the Flag was the creation of David "Zoid" Kirsch and he has been responsible for all Threewave CTF releases up to version 4. It is his abilities and judgment that has made CTF the most popular modification of Quake. The vast majority of CTF servers run Threewave CTF, without any modifications, and we have made it the base server for All-Star CTF. The Xenocide Flag Academy is but one of dozens of websites dedicated to this mod. However, we must note that we are using Threewave CTF with the kind permission of Zoid, but Threewave is not a part of All-Star CTF.

Threewave CTF currently consists of two seperate episodes, each containing 8 levels.


ctf1 - McKinley Base Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
ctf2 - The Kiln Brian Wight
ctf3 - DySpHoRiA Chris "b0rt" Thibodeaux
ctf4 - The Forgotten Mines Brian Wight
cft5 - Da Ancient War Grounds Matthew "DaBug" Hopper
ctf6 - Vertigo Dale "Midiguy" Bertheola
ctf7 - Tale of Two Cities Jamie MacTaggart
ctf8 - The StrongBox Brent "[Drizzt" McLeod



ctfstart - Introduction John Romero
Additional exits by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
ctf2m1 - McKinley Station Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
ctf2m2 - The Warzone John "Tattoo" Schultz
ctf2m3 - Spill the Blood Dale "Midiguy" Bertheola
ctf2m4 - Ruins of NeoMinonk Ogre "El_Ergo" De Latoya
cft2m5 - Disciple War Grounds Hexadecimal
ctf2m6 - The Two Towers Alexander Bernecker
ctf2m7 - Gloom Castles Tim Willits
ctf2m8 - Capturephobolis American McGee

For more information on Threewave CTF, please refer to this readme file.


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