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All-Star CTF is a huge compilation of the best levels and mods for Capture the Flag.  All-Star began with Quake and QuakeWorld, but Allstar2, the new version for Quake 2, is now under development.   Select either All-Star CTF or Allstar2 and get ready for best ideas in CTF.




Latest News:


All-Star CTF 1.10 released [June 10, 1998]

On the eve of the release of Allstar2 for Quake 2, I went back and upgraded All-Star CTF for Quake 1.  Version 1.10 is both a client and server upgrade that adds three cool things to All-Star CTF:

  • Pure CTF is now available as a server option.  Methabol is doing some very exciting thing with Pure CTF, and he has been kind enough to let us include the mod with All-Star CTF

  • The CHEAT Complex 2:   Barkfalls, Dungo's sequel to the popular CHEAT Complex, has been added to Xeno CTF as xeno5.bsp.  Some people may have noticed that there hasn't been a level named xeno5.bsp in All-Star CTF.  This slot was reserved for CHEAT Complex 2 over six months, but I think everyone who plays on the level will agree that it was well worth the wait.

  • All of the ThunderWalker upgrades have been added up to version 5.0.  There are some special instruction for using the new player model in this new version, so be sure to read all of the documentation.

Clients will need to download this small (under one mb) upgrade for 1.10.  You will need to already have All-Star CTF 1.01 installed.   Server administrators will need the full server for version 1.10.   My apologizes, but this 5 mb file is the only version of the server.  Stay tuned for some exciting news about Allstar2 coming in the next week.

Allstar2 Under Development

The Quake 2 version of All-Star CTF is currently under development. Allstar2 will be a worthy successor to All-Star CTF. Level designers are already hard at work, building levels for a totally new Quake 2 CTF episode. This episode will combine two themes. It will contain the recreation, by the original designers, of several of the greatest CTF levels from Quake 1. The episode will also include several new levels created by some of the most talented people in the industry. Professional level designers from Ritual Entertainment have agreed to take time from their hectic schedules to create new, custom CTF levels for Allstar2.

Like the original, Allstar2 will also contain several of the best CTF mods. The creators of ThunderWalker CTF and Expert CTF have already agreed to include their Quake II CTF mods in Allstar2. There will hopefully be some new mods added as well. On "new" mod that will be included is Classic CTF, a porting of Threewave CTF for Quake 1 into Quake II. This, when combined with the "classic" levels, should be enough for even the most nostalgic player.

Captured.Com and the Allstar2 homepage will be providing frequent progress reports on this developing project. More information and screenshots will be forthcoming. Stop by often for the latest news.


All-Star CTF on HEAT and PC Gamer

The creative team behind All-Star CTF is proud to announce two exciting developments. First, All-Star CTF for Quake will soon be a featured title on the HEAT Network. Second, work has already begun on a new version of All-Star CTF for Quake 2.

All-Star CTF has become the newest title to join the impressive list of games featured by the HEAT, the multi-player Internet game network operated by SegaSoft Networks. HEAT is a premire on-line gaming service with fast gameplay, tournaments, ladders, and great community support. The original version of All-Star CTF was an integration of seven different mods and the release of a new episode of levels made by industry professionals and prominant level deisgners in the community. All-Star CTF for Quake and QuakeWorld was also included on a recent CD for new subscribers of PC Gamer Magazine.


Version 1.01 released!

Go to the files section for the latest client patch and server.



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