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Client files

The current version of the All-Star CTF client is 1.10.  This can be downloaded as a complete client ( for version 1.01 then upgraded to version 1.10 (  This is the base client for All-Star CTF, and includes the client files for ThunderWalker 5.0, CTF Plus! 2.0, Midnight CTF 4.22, and Xeno CTF 1.1.

1.01 Full Client (16.7 m)
Clan CNN

1.10 Client Upgrade (0.8 m)

Many of the maps for ThunderWalker 4.0 were not VISed for transparent water in GL Quake.  The team at Water VIS has created this patch (393 k), which uses the VISPatch,   to upgrade the levels for GL Quake users.

The other CTF mods that must be installed are the clients for Threewave CTF 3, Threewave CTF 4, The CTF Expansion Project 1.4, and ThunderWalker 3.1. If you have previously downloaded and installed these files, then you do not need to download them again. If you are missing any of these files, we have created new .zip files of the mods.  The files may be easier to use becasue they are not in the .pak format, and all of the maps have been VISed for transparent water in GL Quake. (3.9 m)
Telefragged (6.4 m)
Telefragged (8.4 m) (6.8 m)


Please note that these files are slightly different then the original versions in that they do not contain .pak files. Pak files can be unreliable at times, and there has been difficulty in formalizing a numbering system for the many mods available. Therefore, these zip files will install the files into the appropriate directories instead of relying upon the virtual directories in a pak file. This does nothing to the game itself, but it does create more directories in your CTF directory.

To install the All-Star CTF client, first make sure that you have downloaded all of the files you need. Then use an unzip program, such as pkunzip or winzip, to unzip these files into your Quake directory ("c:/quake", for example). Make sure that your unzip program retains the file structure of the zip files. Once you have unzipped the base client and any of the mod you needed, All-Star CTF is installed and ready to be enjoyed.

ThunderWalker 4.0 was released as a separate client, so I have been asked to make a separate Xeno CTF file. This file has just the Xeno maps and skins, as well as the client files for CTF Plus! and Midnight CTF, and is just for people that downloaded from ThunderWalker. (7.9 m)


Server files

The current version of the All-Star CTF server is 1.10 (   This contains all of the server files needed to run Threewave CTF 4.21, ThunderWalker 4.1, Xeno CTF 1.0, CTF Plus! 2.0, Midnight CTF 4.22, CTF Expansion Project 1.4, and Expert Quake 1.31. Server operators should look to the provided documentation for installation instructions.

Server (4.4 m)


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