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CTF Plus! is the combination of CTF+ and Gatherers CTF into a single CTF mod. Essentially, original 'CTF+' was a server side only modification, while the 'Gatherers CTF' enhanced the client side of CTF. Both were designed bring CTF lovers the best of both worlds in CTF. While both increase the quality in look and feel of CTF, both not only keep the same play of the old CTF, but give it a little life as well. CTF+ was created by Ron "the_DM" Mercer and Gatherers CTF was created by Nathan Grennan and Chris Jones.

CTF Plus! adds the following elements:

  • A competition mod similar to the ClanRing Mod
  • Powerup drop upon death
  • Weapon toss upon death (removed from backpack)
  • Modifies the camera code to allow observers to become cameras. Players can choose who to "cam". Admins can disable this option.
  • Allows you to see which weapons an opponent is holding.
  • Allows you to shoot certain projectile weapons, items, heads and gibs through teleporters.
  • Allows gibs and heads to float in, and on, the water.
  • Allows windtunnels to affect objects other than players. This will permit gibs and backpacks to be "pushed" through a windtunnel. If playing Capture the Flag, runes are effected as well.
  • Allows players to hook into windtunnels.
  • Modifies the Lightning Gun to no longer kill players not in the water when discharging.
  • Modifies the Lightning Gun to do a small amount of damage to players in the water when shot into the water. Only works if you are NOT in the water when you shoot the Lightning Gun. Otherwise, you'll discharge and are toast. Players that are unfortunate enough to be in the water when you shoot will emit two bubbles per point of damage taken.
  • When falling, causes players to take a variable amount of damage depending on the distance fell.
  • Makes observers visible as purple/pink vore balls.
  • Prevents weapon switching when picking up packs.
  • Adds admin code for: Weapons Disable
  • Adds teamplay variables for: Forced Observers (clan match), Visible Observers, and Rune Toss.
  • Adds Oxygen meter display when players are underwater.
  • Various CTF enhancements to make the game even more enjoyable.

Additionally, CTF Plus! has graciously donated a level for Xeno CTF 1.0.

Xeno CTF 1.0 - CTF Plus! levels

xeno7 - Remix Eben "dungo" Gulick




  • The original creator of CTF Plus! Started off with a simple 'TeleWeapons' patch to improve the realism of Quake and to fix bugs as well, and eventually it grew to become CTF Plus! DM is also the creator of the awesome server browser Qtracker.


  • Co-creator and coder of Gatherer's CTF, a mod that was based off the original CTF Plus! source code, but added a client side pak containing new models to enhance the realism and feel of CTF even more.


  • Also a Co-Creator and model editor of Gatherer's CTF. Along with Climber, both decided to combine their efforts and help CTF Plus! become something special for the CTF community.


  • Organizer and Web pimp for the CTF Plus! project.


  • Level editing master, and maker of the popular CheatC level, used in the Tournament for cheaters. Also contributed another popular level, "The BanZoia", to the CTF Expansion Project.  Contributed Cheat2 and Remix to the Xeno CTF episode.

Maxim Savic

  • Another awesome level designer. Maxim will be helping contribute levels to our pak file as well. He is the creator of some really cool levels, including The Crown of Ares.


For more information on CTF Plus!, please refer to the included documentation.



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