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The CTF Expansion Project arose when it became clear that Zoid would not be releasing a fifth incarnation of Threewave CTF for Quake. The CTF EP was conceived as a collection of quality levels to act as a sequel to CTF 4.0. Several server modifications were also made, but they are relatively minor in comparison to ThunderWalker and CTF Plus.

Hanzo employed a democratic method of selecting levels. Beta testers were given copies of all the levels submitted, allowed to play the levels on a private server, and then voted for their favorites. The top 10 were then arranged in an episode. The levels contained in CTF EP are:


epstart - Introduction John Romero
Additional exits by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch and John "Tattoo" Schultz
ctf1bsp1 - Holy Warz Matthew Robinson
ctf1bsp2 - Tormented Fortress John "Tattoo" Schultz
ctf1bsp3 - The BanZoia Eben "dungo" Gulick
ctf1bsp4 - Barbie's Domain Anthony J. Distler
ctf1bsp5 - [CapturE CastleS] Neil Shaw
ctf1bsp6 - Tickle-Me Shambler? Don Peterson
ctf1bsp7 - Never Mined Casey
ctf1bsp8 - The Forgotten Outpost Scooby
ctf1bsp9 - Salvage The Weal Ralph Gustavsen
ctf1bsp0 - Capturellamaphobopolis Shawn Holmes
??????? - ??????: ??? ?????????? Matt Fox


For more information on the CTF Expansion Project, please refer to the CTF EP documentation.




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