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Expert CTF is the product of extended design focusing on game depth and playability. Through many means, including balance and lowered lethality, simple-minded tactics such as camping and ambushing are eliminated in Expert because they are ineffective, and reflexes and ping have a reduced role in the game. Only through great skill and teamwork can players excel at Expert.

Expert CTF is a mode of Expert Quake, a mod that also supports basic teamplay and deathmatch, and is so configurable that it can be reverted to unmodified Quake's behavior. The design work behind Expert Quake is published at the Expert Quake site.

In addition to creating a popular CTF modification, the Expert team has also been working on a pak of levels for their own episode. They offered these levels for Xeno CTF when we approached them about All-Star CTF. Therefore, it is likely that several of the levels contained in Xeno CTF will be coming directly from Expert CTF.

The Expert team is currently designing their own episode of levels for CTF.  This episode will be included in a future release of All-Star CTF.  As a preview of this episode, the Expert team has allowed two levels to be included in Xeno CTF 1.0


expctf1 - Nicole's Virtue - Expert CTF 1 Anthony J. Distler
expctf2 - Expert Base Charles "Myrkul" Kendrick and Rich "Publius" Tollerton.  Based upon Base32 by Christian "Disruptor" Antkow, which is based upon maps by John Romero


The Expert team is: Charles "Myrkul" Kendrick, Nelson "TheGriffin" Hicks, Tika, Michael "Smeagol" Buttrey, Seth "[SWiFT]" Fowler , Rich "Publius" Tollerton, Anthony J. Distler and DaScott.


For more information of Expert Quake, please refer to the documentation.




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