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"Are you afraid of the dark?...You will be."

Midnight CTF is one of the most original modification of CTF to date.   This mod is a fusion of NiKoDeMoS's Midnight CTF and Zoid's ThreeWave CTF 4.1. The midnight mod turns off all the lights in the level, forcing players to run around in the dark. However, each player is given a flashlight to find their way around. This adds an exciting new twist to CTF and creates a creepy atmosphere. Playing in the dark has never been so much fun :)

Midnight CTF was one of the original creations of NiKoDeMoS and was released on his site at Brutality. Dr. DooM has continued developing the mod after NiKoDeMoS retired this past summer. Midnight CTF can be found on many CTF servers and is currently a popular option on the Total Entertainment Network.  The version of Midnight CTF included in All-Star CTF is for QuakeWorld servers only.


For more information about Midnight CTF, please refer to the documentation.




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