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One of the key elements of All-Star CTF is the integration of several, high-quality, level episodes. Some of the episodes, like the CTF Expansion Project, are already available. The screenshots on this page are of levels in new episodes currently being developed. Naturally, the appearance of any particular level may change dramatically before the release of All-Star CTF.

Marc "]" Rittierodt, of ThunderWalker CTF, is redesigning the start map to include slipgates for all of the episodes in All-Star CTF.


Xeno CTF will be an episode filled with custom CTF maps designed by some of the best level designers in the industry and in the Quake community. Below are a few screenshots of some of the levels included in this episode.


Jim Molinets, the president of Rogue Entertainment, has been working on redesigning the Xenocide Flag Academy level. This level was originally created by Gentle Nova.

Steve "Gateway" Tietze , also of Rogue Entertainment, originally created this level as a custom CTF level for Dissolution of Eternity.

Mattias Worch, is the creator of the Armageddon series of maps, as well as the Beyond Belief episode. His contribution to Xeno CTF is a custom CTF map based upon Armageddon 3.

Sadness of Death is a CTF level by John "Tattoo" Schultz, a contributor to both CTF 4.0 and the CTF Expansion Project.

Dale "Midiguy" Bertheola, a contributor to both CTF 3 and CTF 4, is reinventing a custom CTF level begun by Christian "Disruptor" Antkow of id Software.

Dunsinane is a custom CTF level by George "DieharD" Myshyayev.


ThunderWalker CTF is one of the oldest modification of Threewave CTF and is the most popular. All-Star CTF will include the premiere of version 4.0 of ThunderWalker CTF, which will include another episode of custom CTF levels. Like the previous ThunderWalker episode, this second collection of maps will contain some of the best custom CTF maps created by the Quake community.

This is a sneak preview of two of the levels that might be included in ThunderWalker 4.



CTF Plus! is the combination of CTF+ and Gatherers CTF into a single CTF mod. Essentially, original 'CTF+' was a server side only modification, while the 'Gatherers CTF' enhanced the client side of CTF. Both were designed bring CTF lovers the best of both worlds in CTF. While both increase the quality in look and feel of CTF, both not only keep the same play of the old CTF, but give it a little life as well. CTF+ was created by Ron "the_DM" Mercer and Gatherers CTF was created by Nathan Grennan and Chris Jones.

The CTF Plus! team has also been working on their own episode of quality levels. They have gathered some impressive talant from the CTF community and may have the episode ready for release with the first release of All-Star CTF.


Cheat 2 is a new CTF level by Eben "dungo" Gulick, the creator of the CHEAT Complex.


McKinley Base Remix is Eben "dungo" Gulick's revsions of Zoid's McKinley Base.


Like most of the projects in All-Star CTF, Expert Quake is continually evolving. The first release of All-Star CTF will include the current version of the Expert Quake and Expert CTF server, and a few levels designed by the Expert team should be a part of Xeno CTF. Expect to see even more from the Expert team in the near future.

Anthony J. Distler, a prolific level designer, is a key member of the Expert Quake design team.


"The Expert Hook is fully independent of weapons fire. Fire while hooking, hook while firing. In this shot, I'm firing a hook in the middle of a stream of nail fire.

Expert Quake has performance enhancements. I am neither glowing due to the flag nor muzzleflashing due to the nailgun. The hook only creates links as it gets further from the player, never creates links on short hooks, and updates the position of the links 1/3 as often. The Expert CTF status bar includes each team's flag status and each team's score _in captures_. Individual score is separate from team score in Expert CTF. "Grahame" is the name of the player I am looking at, which is always in the status bar, and distinguishes between targets only degrees apart."



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