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ThunderWalker CTF is one of the oldest modification of Threewave CTF and is the most popular. TW began as a few minor server modification on a single server last October, and has grown into a partial conversion that is running on dozens of Quake servers. Marc "]" Rittierodt and Robert "Fezzik" Hayden are the creators of this mod.

The popularity of ThunderWalker, and the hostility that is still shown towards it, can be traced to the dramatic changes that have been made to Threewave CTF. Previous versions of TW have include several new weapons, new runes, dozens of new sounds, and a great collection of maps. The custom weapons for TW include a faster shotgun, a remodeled double-barrel shotgun, a laser rifle, a weaker Rocket Launcher, and a sniper rifle. The custom runes include Vampire, Protection, Cloaking, and Living Armor.

All-Star CTF will include the premiere of version 4 of ThunderWalker CTF. ThunderWalker 4 will be familiar to fans of TW, but also includes several changes. Most noticeably, TW 4.0 adds another episode of custom CTF levels. Like the previous ThunderWalker episode, this second collection of maps contains some of the best custom CTF maps created by the Quake community.


twctf1 - The Cheat Complex Eben "dungo" Gulick
twctf2 - Warz Gary "Zodek" Marshall
twctf3 - The Crown of Ares Maxim "Bodybag" Savic
twctf4 - Gadainton Brian Kramp
twctf6 - The Underworld Keith Mercer
twctf7 - Tony CTF III Xpanded Anthony J. Distler
twctf8 - Washout Darren Korman
twctf9 - Critters CTF Jim Lowell, with TW conversion



ctfstart - Introduction John Romero
Additional exits by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
twctf2m1 - Bi-Phase Rob Alan Heironimus
twctf2m2 - Tombstone Passage Evil G
twctf2m3 - Outpost Shamus Young
twctf2m4 - Pandemonium Elyas Machera
twcft2m5 - The Final Ascent Brian Krampl
twctf2m6 - The Realm of Cloy Jeff Seigel
twctf2m7 - Test for Echo Al Harrington
twctf2m8 - The Unknown Facility Rob Alan Heironimus
twctf2m9 - Twin Keeps Jason Pinske
twctf2ma - King's of Capture Evil G
twctf2mb - A P-100's Revenge Darren "Phats" Korman
twctf2mc - Fishface Robert "Blacktooth" Shirfett


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