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Allstar2 Overview
[Current versrion is 1.0]



Allstar2 is project that brings many different areas of the Quake 2 CTF community together. It is a collection of professional-quality levels, plus the integration of several different versions of capture the flag. The easiest way to describe the character of Allstar2 is to discuss its component parts.  But first, let's cover what you need:

Allstar2 is currently at version 1.0.  To use the mod, you will need to download the main client file (as2_100.exe) and the collection of Allstar2 levels (as2_maps.exe).   Additional mirror sites, plus versions of these files in the .zip format, can be found on the Files page.  Version 1.0 includes both the client and server files.  Server administrators can run allstar2.exe to access the Allstar2 Front End, but clients do not need to use this file to use Allstar2.

You will also need to download and install Zoid's Quake 2 CTF to use Allstar2.  Allstar2 supports Weapons Factory 3.1, but the client files and Weapons Factory levels have not been included with Allstar2 to keep the size of the files reasonable.  If you wish to play Weapons Factory,   This mod also supports the latest version of ThunderWalker II:  Rolling Thunder, but the levels for TW II have not been included in the Allstar2 client because of the size.   If you wish to play on the many great ThunderWalker II levels, just download the seperate TW II Levels file (tw_maps.exe) created specifically for Allstar2. 

Please keep in mind that the Allstar2 Front End operates by overwriting the gamex86.dll.  This means that it will overwrite any existing gamex86.dll that is currently in your /ctf/ directory.  Be sure to back up such files for mods that are not supported by Allstar2 to make it easier to switch back to other mods. 

Now, on to the features:


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Allstar2 Levels

Like All-Star CTF, Allstar2 includes an original episode of outstanding custom levels for capture the flag. Professional level designers from Ritual Entertainment joined forces with some of the most respected level designers in the community to create this episode. The levels contained within the episode are an even mixture of original designs and remakes of popular levels from Threewave CTF for Quake 1. Some are perfect for large teams, some for small teams, but all are well-designed and ideal for tournament play.



Integrated Client

One of the reasons that people don't try new versions of CTF is that they are afraid of the sometimes complicated installation. Allstar2 solves this problem by carefully adding the necessary files into a single client. Players will still need to download the latest clients from Zoid's Q2 CTF and Weapons Factory, but they are easy to install and will not conflict with the Allstar2 client. We decided not to include these files into the Allstar2 client because of their size. The necessary files for the other mods are included in the Allstar2 client, however.


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Integrated Server

Thanks to the Allstar2 Server Front End, it is now very easy to run a CTF server. A server administrator can now start the Front End and select any of the available server options. The server admin just selects which of the ten server types he or she wishes to run (Q2 CTF, Classic CTF, eVolution CTF, Expert CTF, L-Fire CTF, Lasermine CTF, NIQ CTF, ThunderWalker II, UNR Clanwar, and Weapons Factory), and the server is started with a simple click of a button. A future version of the Allstar2 Server Front End should allow the server admin to almost completely configure every aspect of the server without ever opening a single .cfg file.



Great Versions of CTF

Allstar2 currently support four very different versions of capture the flag for Quake 2. Zoid's Threewave CTF for Quake 2, often called Q2 CTF, is the official version of CTF that he did under contract with id Software. It is the version of CTF upon which the majority of other versions are based.  Classic CTF is a new version of Q2 CTF that brings back some of the favorite elements of Threewave CTF for Quake 1. The old runes, the original grapple, and even the classic scoring model make a triumphant return in Classic CTF.  eVolution CTF rewards a player for surviving by giving him or her more powerful weapons as time progresses.  Expert CTF for Quake 2 is Q2 CTF under the magical spell of the Expert Team. Their goal has always been to produce a game that is the product of extended design focusing on game depth and playability, and Expert CTF for Quake 2 meets this goal.  L-Fire CTF is the ultimate tool for the server administrator, and one of the absolute slickest mods around.  If you run a server, you have to try L-Fire CTF to see all of the amazing things it will allow you to do.  Lasermine CTF has evolved from a fairly simple mod with the self-titled weapon into a very solid version of Midnight CTF, the only version currently available for Quake 2.  NIQ CTF removes all of the powerups in the game and provides all players with the same weapon for a set time period.   NIQ also adds tons of great features to allow the server administrator customize the game.  ThunderWalker II: Rolling Thunder is the Quake 2 sequel to the very popular ThunderWalker CTF. It adds new runes, new sounds, modified weapons, and tons of fun. UNR Clanwar a great mod that allows a server administrator to organize clan matches and keep track of scores.   Lastly (at least alphabetically), Weapons Factory is the amazingly popular mod that brings the fun of Team Fortress into Quake 2.  There are often more people playing Weapons Factory than any other why aren't you?



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