ArenaSpy and Quake 3 Point Release Beta -April 2, 2000-crt
ArenaSpy 1.0 DOES work correctly with the Quake 3 Point Release

If you previously installed ArenaSpy, you need to move the uix86.dll from your main Quake 3 directory to the baseq3 subdirectory. If you have not installed ArenaSpy before, you can use the updated installer below, which installs the file into the correct directory for the Point Release version.

Arena Spy 1.0 Released! -Jan 20, 2000-crt
GameSpy is proud to present ArenaSpy, a new In-Game browser for Quake 3. ArenaSpy is hot off the codeworks with all sorts of cool enhancements. Here's a quick list to get you started:

  • Uses the GameSpy In-Game server browser engine
  • 10 to 20 times faster than the regular browser
  • Can handle over 5000 servers (the regular browser maxes out at 128)
  • New larger layout so you can view more servers at once
  • Scrollbar to easily move through large lists
  • Browse the list while it's updating (and re-sort it too)
  • Correctly shows mod names, including 3rd party mods
  • Configurable number of simultaneous updates
  • Awesome new skin by Walter |2| Costinak
  • Double click support
  • Mouse wheel support
This is a must have tool for Quake 3 players! Check out the IN-GAME screenshot below.

Download arenaspy: FilePlanet
Download arenaspy: PlanetQuake

arenaspy requires the Quake III Arena Point Release: FilePlanet

ArenaSpy is unsupported freeware, made possible by registered GameSpy 3D users. Have you registered your copy?