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Assassins: A Quake II Mod
A Quake II/Unreal Tournament Mod by the SkurvyLads

You are a highly skilled killer, you have been given your target, you're almost ready to go, the only question that remains is, "Who's hunting you?"

Assassins is a Quake2/Unreal Tournament death match mod where you are an assassin. Each player has one specific target at any given time. Players are given a target that they must then hunt down and exterminate. No one else is to be killed, that is except, whoever may be hunting you.

Killing one's target results in 5 points, killing ones hunter results in 2 points, while killing the wrong target or an "innocent bystander" results in -1 points. Upon termination of your target you will be given your next assignment. If you kill too many wrong targets or innocents, you will be declared a "Looney" and be punished. Killing a looney results in 1 point.

You have her in your sights, she's not your target, but are you hers?

When assigned a target it will briefly display on the screen who your target is. To double check who you're hunting use the command "target". While within the game, whenever you aim at someone a box will appear in the lower right corner, a big X will signify that this is not your target. If it is your target the box will have a bullseye in it with the word KILL. If it is a looney, a different picture will appear. The person hunting you will be displayed as a non-target by default, you'll have to figure out who's hunting you by who shoots at you. The working of the targeting is slightly different for UT.


Since 4/21/98