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"So... what exactly is Assimilation 2?" you ask.

First and foremost, Assim 2 isn't NOT Assimilation 1 rebuilt for Q3. It is a whole new mod, but still has its roots in the original Assim.

Assim has always been meant to be about strategy, but the original didn't turn out exactly the way I had planned when all was said and done. It was fun sure, but I wanted more. Assim 2: The Preview Edition is a glimpse at what "more" means to me. Assim 2 is what Q3 could/should have been.

The Assim 2 preview sports three brand new game play modes and one revised game mode. The three new ones are: Elimination, Pickup Teams, and Assimilation. Elimination is last man standing mode where the goal is to be the last man left alive. Pickup teams is essentially team elimination where the goal is to be the last team alive. In Assimilation mode the goal is to capture the other players by "assimilating" (fragging) them onto your own team. The revised mode I mentioned is id's tournament mode.. while the concept remains the same (winner stays, looser goes to the end of the line) it has been rewritten from the ground up to provide a much more enjoyable experience.

Assim 2 also features a full featured match system for facilitating clan matches or tournaments. Players, or teams, can be eliminated from the game if they can't keep up with the rest of the pack resulting in a final showdown between the top two players, or teams.

Finally, the preview features tons of ways to allow server opertators to achieve a very unique feel for their server. With customizable starting weapons, starting health, and starting armor and the ability to remove any and all items
from a map you never know what you're getting yourself into when you join an Assim2 server. One server might be running instagib, and rail guns only. While another might be running 1000 health and 2000 armor with a full weapon load (which is quite fun :).

Game Play features:

  • Server will execute /mapscripts/<nextmap>.cfg before loading <nextmap> -- very useful for keeping things fresh by changing the gameplay based on the map that's being load.
  • Full featured rounds, matches, and games system. Players/teams are eliminated if they no longer have a chance at winning.
  • Team play modes (with the exception of CTF) support seven teams (Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow).
  • Three new game play modes:
    • Assimilation -- players are assimilated to their killers' team. Players are restored to their original teams when only one team remains.
    • Elimination -- The goal is to be the last player left alive. Players are respawned when one (or zero) player(s) remain.
    • Pick Up Teams -- (aka Team Elimination) same as Elimination but now you have friends.
  • New scoring system for DM/Team DM matches -- each kill is worth 2 points, but each time you (or a team mate) dies, you (or your team) loose(s)  a point.
  • id's Tournament mode has been rebuilt from the ground up. I think you'll like it much better now.
  • Players now get a 25% speed boost when using the gauntlet. This adds tons of strategy to the game.
  • In CTF you get 7 points for capturing the flag, and 1 point for every 10 kills. Should make things a bit more interesting.
  • Adjustable starting weapons, starting health, and starting armor.
  • Servers can ban the items, ammo, power ups, health, and weapons of their choosing from a map.
  • Self damage modes (none, health & armor, armor only)
  • Team damage modes (none, health & armor, armor only)
  • Falling damage (on/off)
  • Off hand grappling hook
  • Nearly full bot support -- bots won't grapple on most (all?) id maps
  • .. and much more of course!
Client Enhancements:
  • Improved scoreboard (with support for seven teams)
  • User definable weapon order (see player's guide for info)
  • Enhanced ease of use in the skirmish/create server menus -- the bot skill is saved so you don't have to reselect it every time, and random bots are chosen for new players slots (saves a lot of time menu clicking).
  • Offhand grappling hook! Check the Setup->Controls->Weapons menu.
  • ... you'll have to play to discover the rest :)
Planned Features:
  • Full featured voting menu
  • A weapon upgrades system similar to the one from the original Assim.
  • ... and of course lots of stuff I'm keeping as a surprise :)

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Assimilation 2 is Copyright © 2000 Mark "WarZone" Smeltzer.
Quake3 is Copyright © 1999, 2000 id Software.