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Essential Files:
For installation instructions click here
  • The Q3A 1.16 beta Point Release -- you must have this to run Assimilation 2!
  • Assimilation 2:  Preview Edition -- includes team play skins for Sarge and Visor only.
    • Contains everything needed to run a server, play on the net, or to play against bots.
    • No readme included.. the player's guide and server guide will be ready soon! For the most part though, the interface will explain itself.
    • Preview Edition Patch 1.04 (added March 18th, 3:36 pm) -- upgrades the Preview Edition to 1.04. Now includes the sample CFG package (text based readme coming soon).
      • You must have the preview edition installed to use this patch!
Useful Files:
For installation instructions click here
    Note: because of the way Q3A's "pure server" option works, it is recommended that server operators download and install all of the skin packs so that people joining your servers will be able to use all of the available skins.
  • Skin Pack #1 -- contains team play skins for Anarki, Biker, Bitterman, and Bones
  • Skin Pack #2 -- contains team play skins for Crash, Doom, Grunt, and Hunter
  • Skin Pack #3 -- contains team play skins for Keel, Klesk, Major, and Mynx
  • Skin Pack #4 -- contains team play skins for Orbb, Ranger, Razor, and Slash
  • Skin Pack #5 -- contains team play skins for Sorlag, Tank Jr, Uriel, and Xaero
  • Skin Pack #6 -- does not contain team play skins for Lucy (she's so stinkin fat I couldn't fit here in!)
  • Example Server Config Files -- a supplement to the Server Guide section which demonstrates how to fully take advantage of Assim2's map scripts.
Other Files:
For installation instructions click here
  • coming soon...

Installation Instructions:

All of the zip files above must be installed using these simple steps:
  • In Windows, use Winzip (winzip.com) to open the zip file. Usually you can open it by double clicking on the zip file. Now that you've got the archive open, hit that shiny "Extract" button. In the "Extract to:" field enter you Quake 3 directory (for example C:\Quake3). Before you extract anything make sure that the box that says "Use folder names" is checked. Then hit the Extract button and you're done!
  • In Linux you'll have to use the "unzip" program. Assuming the zip file is already in /quake3, this command will extract the files: 

  • unzip "zipname.zip"
    Simple huh? Okay linux users you're done! 
  • On Macintosh drag the assim.zip file onto stuffit expander. Once the file is unstuffed drag the new "assim" folder into you Quake3 folder. Done. Alternatively you can use the shareware application ZipIt but stuffitexpander is freeware.

To install PK3 files, simply save them to your quake3/assim folder. That's it!

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Assimilation 2 is Copyright © 2000 Mark "WarZone" Smeltzer.
Quake3 is Copyright © 1999, 2000 id Software.