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March 19
  • 3:59 pm -- New screen shots have been posted showing off the "new direction" that I've been talking about.. these shots come to you with zero info. So you'll keep calm and wait until some official info is released (which should be ready in a week or so), so until then post your thoughts and comments on the message board. These shots are from an extreme alpha version and do not represent what the game will look like a day/week/<whatever> from now. But they do a damn good job of showing you where Assim2 is headed... you're gonna love it.. think RPG + FPS =)
March 18
  • 3:27 pm -- 1.04 is here! All known bugs are fixed and two huge new features, as well as some other nifty stuff, have been added:
    • Damage based scoring
      • When enabled, person who does the most damage gets the frag. So if player A and player B are fighting and player A gets player B down to 5 health and along comes player C who proceeds to finish off player B with his machine gun, player A will get the point, not player C. This is a much better system than pure damage scoring since it actually requires you to work harder for you kills since with pure damage scoring you don't ever need to get any "real" frags to keep your score rising (pure damage scoring sucks).
    • Health Indicator added to Player ID
      • Shows you how healthy the other players are. Until 1.05 comes out this feature is always on when player ID is enabled. 1.05 will allow servers to disable this feature, but for now I want people to try it out -- it is really very useful, and since players don't get bloodied up from damage a health indicator is a perfectly believable way to gauge your opponent(s) health.
    • Removed the confusing scoring system in DM and Team DM modes. Now one frag = one point. Period.
    • The "Frags" column on the score board now shows your total kills. Suicides, same team kills, etc. subtract from your score, not your kills.
    • Removed CTF related bonus scores (they don't fit the game play anymore)
March 15
  • 11:27 am -- MOTW!! Hmm.. MOTW... I guess I'll be releasing 1.04 sooner than I thought! Another bit of news that I'm sure you'll all like to hear is that Assim2 is not going to die! While talking with a friend we realized that the new game play actually goes very well with the name "Assimilation". I'm warning you though: things are going to be changing in a major way very soon and you're going to love it. Its midterms week at my college.. *sigh*... so I'm not going to be able to put 1.04 out until Friday. So here's a list of things that I know are broken in 1.03 (if you find anything else let me know asap):
    • Grapple can screw up platforms and other objects
    • Starting armor is disabled
    • The announcer shouldn't say "You're tied", "You're in the lead", etc. between rounds (it just makes him sound like a moron)
    • The "Add Bot" menu lets you pick any team
    • The Start Skirmish/Server menus will sometimes pick the same bot twice
March 13
  • 1:35 pm -- 1.04 is going to be delayed a bit... the next release of Assim2 will be a full download (not a patch) and will likely be the last version of Assim2 released for some time. Why? Because I've decided to take the project in a new direction and it has basically become a project of its own and should not bear the "Assimilation" moniker. Don't let that get your hopes down though because the next release of Assim2 is going to be ground breaking. You will be amazed.
March 6
  • 3:31 pm -- A new version (1.04) will be out either later today, or tomorrow afternoon. This versions re-enables support for starting armor (which was accidentally disabled in 1.03) as well as properly sorting the two playing players in tournament games. After this release, I'm going to see if I can get more servers up and running! Also, be on the lookout for that oh-so-elusive read me in the next release...
February 27
  • 11:00 pm -- 1.03 is out! This version contains several new enhancements to the rounds system. Along with the patch is an updated Server Guide, and an updated Player's Guide.
February 24
  • 3:28 pm -- The Server Guide has just been updated with some useful info! The server guide is a must read for anyone who is planning on running an Assim2 server and is also very helpful for setting up Skirmishes against the bots. An example server config has been added to the Downloads page.
  • 2:02 pm -- ok, the 1.02 patch is out! Go grab it quick and hop on my server:
  • 1:50 pm -- after having a helluva time getting the server running properly (my first attempt at running a Q3 server, let alone an Assim2 server) I discovered a huge bug which didn't show up during my LAN play testing. Anytime you press the score board key in net play, you were nearly instantly lagged out of the game. Suffice it to say this will be fixed soon!
  • 1:12 am -- I set up a server here at home running on my AMD K7 550 mhz, 128 megs, Cable system. I set the max players to 12 and I think my system will be able to handle that just fine. The server will rotate between all of Assim2's game modes (except ctf) and each map will have its own twist on the game play.  I can leave this running tonight and most of tomorrow... but I'm going to finish the server guide tomorrow so expect to see more servers soon.
February 23
  • 8:52 pm -- The patch is out! Get it here! I'll probably release another (final?) patch at the end of the week that will complete the Preview Edition. After that, it'll be time to get back to work on the final version. Included in the download is a changes.txt file that documents all of the important changes I've made.
  • 3:10 pm -- oh yeah! I set up a message board for you to commune with your fellow Assimers : )
  • 3:04 pm -- almost done! I'm playing a LOT of Assim ironing and smoothing where I see fit. Here's an updated list of changes:
    • added weapon kick back -- servers can turn this off
    • players are invinsible for 1.5 seconds after they spawn to prevent spawn camping
    • grapple no long keep "pulling" to people have they've died
    • grenade launcher works MUCH better now here's what I changed:
      • damage radius increased from 100 to 250
      • firing rate has been decreased by roughly 20%
      • explosion sprite its bigger
      • size of smoke trail decreased by roughly 60%
    • and lots of little things I can't remember right now ; )
  • 1:16 am -- I'm still plugging away at the code, adding and fixing things. I'm trying my best to not pull a "it'll be done when its done"... but I keep finding cool ways to improve the game play. Here's an off the top of my head list of things that have been fixed so far:
    • no more spawn telefrags, ever (a telefrag due to a portal can still occur though)
    • winning a round in Assim now gives your team the proper 3 point bonus (was giving 5)
    • improved the "common sense" of a few things to keep the score board and score indicators giving you the most appropriate numbers -- will display flag captures in CTF when round scoring is disabled, displays frags (not points) when a frag limit is set and a score limit is not, etc.
    • UI Controls->Weapons menu has been fixed
    • Skirmish/Create Server menus can't randomly pick the same bot more than once anymore
    • fixed the "0th rank with 0" message
    • removed the "out of ammo" message when a server is running gauntlets only
    • specators will now print the "following so-and-so" message again between rounds, but only after the "prepare to fight!" warning. The reason the message isn't displayed before that is that it makes the team/player scores very hard to read
February 22
  • 7:48 pm -- about 80% of the player's guide is up! I'll try to have the rest up tonight or sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'm gonna test out the new version for a while and release it later tonight.
  • 10:01 am -- just posted a VERY brief server guide which contains info on most of the important cvars that Assim2 uses. I'm going to work on the player guide next and try to get some of the basic info posted around 1:00 pm.
  • 2:07 am -- found and fixed several issues/bugs that popped up with some changes that I made within hours of the release. These include issues with the score board, team play overlay, the weapon controls menu, and a bug where players were spawning inside (and getting stuck inside) each other. All of these will be fixed in a patch this afternoon (along with the much saught after readme). 
  • Oh, and for the record, the voices in the Preview Edition are my own (highly tweaked, but still me) and not those of Bob Holiday. You'll get to hear from him in the full release.

February 21
  • 5:59 pm -- I'm going to go get some dinner. If anyone feels adventurous and feels like setting up a server before the server guide even comes out, feel free to send me the ip addy.
  • 5:56 pm -- Please send your comments to me! I'm going to get a message board set up sometime tomorrow, so watch for that link to become active.
  • 5:49 pm -- The Preview Edition is out! Why are you still here?!
  • 5:07 pm -- working on the site still! Assim's coming soon, I promise!

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