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Current Version: Assim 3.2
Uploaded: 10/15/99 9:45:45 PM PDT

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Assim2 coming today 4:00 pm
status update..
    Just to give the world a taste of what Assim2 will offer, I've posted a tutorial on how to add MUCH better weapon switching code to Q3A. And its even customizable too :P

    Assim2 is coming... very soon too! The code is 86.31% complete (hehe) and I'll be putting on the final touches for a "preview edition" this week. The initial release will not contain a weapon upgrade system, nor an advanced voting menu -- but these features will come in future releases. Assim2 has seven teams, currently supports 7 (8?) gameplay modes with plenty of room to expand in the future, several ground breaking features, and a superb round/match/game system to facilicate tournaments and/or clan matches.

    Right now though, I really need someone to help out with sounds. If you (or someone you know) has a really good voice and some sound editing experience, drop me a line. I need someone to cook up sound bytes like "Cyan lead", "Yellow leads", etc., a count down, "Fight!", "Team X has won the match", and more. I've got temp placeholder sounds (which sound "ok") using a HEAVILY tweaked version of my own voice -- to the point where I sound a lot like the Q3A announcer -- but it still sounds cheezy. I want Assim2 to be extremely high quality and the sounds are a major let down at this point. Help me!
    -WarZone | 2.9.00 | 5:22pm PST

Q3 A..ssimilation!!
    After reading all of the fan requests for Assim Q3A, I've decided to do it! Small word of warning... I might be changing the name. The name Assimilation was created back when Assim had one, and only one, game play mode: the Red Rover mode. Now that Assim has four (RR, Elim, Pickups, and DM) I'm thinking of changing the name for the Q3A version of the mod.

    I'm beginning work today on implementing the three new game play modes into the Q3A code. I also have to create yellow and green skins for EVERY Q3A player model.. which could take a while. But thanks to 24 bit textures, the skins will be much more distinct compared to the Q2 skins were it was often hard to tell the green skin from the yellow.
    -WarZone | 1.19.00 | 3:16pm PST

Q3 A..ssimilation?
    I'm debating whether to port the mod to Q3 or not. I am planning a small Q3 mod that will include a few of Assim's features, though nothing too ground breaking, just simple things I like about Assim. Like being able to turn your head after you've died. Simple stuff really.

    So I'm left to decide whether I want to invest the time and effort to port it over to Q3. My immediate response is YES! But.. there are a lot of other projects going in my life right now.. work, school, hobbies, girls, friends.. etc. And a few other new mod ideas as well.

    I'm simply going to leave this to the public to decide... however I will be releasing the Q2 Assim code soon so it would be entirely possible for someone else to manage the port or revamp the original. Please cast your vote... by leaving a message on the forum.
    -WarZone | 1.16.00 | 1:42pm PST

3.2 is here!
    Get yourself over to the files page and grab the update! Actually you only need to get the update if you want to play against the Gladiator bots on your system or if you're running a server. Otherwise you don't need to get anything at all to enjoy the benefits of 3.2 :)
    -WarZone | 10.15.99 | 9:51pm PDT

3.2 is coming this week
    The PQ server is running a release candidate of 3.2 -- no not Quake2 3.2, but Assimilation 3.2! Q2 is irrelevant, you will be Assimilated. Anyways, I'll release the official version later this week. Only servers and those playing gladiator bots will need to download the update.

    btw, I deleted the old news because it was.. well.. old. I'm going to try to update the site with some of the new information regarding 3.2 tomorrow as well as put up a new poll. If you've got any poll suggestions, send them to me!
    -WarZone | 10.11.99 | ?:???m PDT

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