29/12/98 8:32 GMT
The original ATF team would like to thank all the people who have continued to enjoy After The Fall long after its release. We really appreciate all the positive feedback that still flows in. Keep an eye on this page over the next few weeks, as we plan to release some files that will help you create your own After The Fall levels.

Here is an email we recieved this morning that is typical of the emails we have been getting......

Simply Awesome, This has got to be one of the greatest TCs since Airquake and Fantasy Quake. I've already lost too much of my precious sleep over ATF, and my wife keeeps yelling at me to take out the garbage. Thanks for the time put into this, and for sticking with Quake... I'm too cheap to get Quake2 The only thing this game needs now is a movie based on it. :)

3/2/98 12:32 GMT
The ATF team is now working for RMD Software

12/1/98 22:02 GMT
The patch has been done. Hopefully it will fix all code bugs and the missing gib skin.. The problem with e2m3 hasn't been fixed yet mainly because we're all too busy to get around to it. Grab the patch HERE

31/12/97 02:39 GMT
Long time since the last update. We haven't had many more bug reports sent to us. We know about the e2m3 problems but it seems we may have lost the latest version of the .map file for that level whicj kinda sucks. We'll probably release a fix but I tihnk most people will have skipped over that by then. The other main bug is where ammo boxes and thing start chasing and shooting you. Alex has tried to reproduce this but to see what's going on but hasn't been able to. If you know how to make it happen please let us know....
Also go look at!!

21/12/97 16:45 GMT
We're in the process of compiling all known bugs and killing then in one clean sweep. If you experience anything you would consider a "bug" can you please let us know and provide as much details about it as possible like what you were doing at the time, your system, what weapon you were carrying, if you were firing...etc etc...Thanks

20/12/97 12:06 GMT
Wooah! Another damn cool review by Talon. Go read it here

17/12/97 12:06 GMT
There's has been a really cool review of ATF done by Obiwan. You can read it right Here.

15/12/97 7:06 GMT
BUGS BUGS BUGS...Ok. We know of the un skinned gib...that was my fault. Just delete it from the pak file it you know how. If not wait a few days and I'll put an unpate bug fix pak here. Don't worry it won't be the whole 18 meg again...just a small pak1.pak with updates. Also it seems e2m3 is a little may not be able to complete it without cheating. I'll look into it. A few people have experienced shell boxes chasing them round and killing them as well as other similar weirdness, we don't know how to reproduce this bug. Nobody in the team has seen it happen but I know friends of mine and ppl on the net have. We'll try to fix it. I also added some quotes from the mail I've recieved on the downloads page...go check em out...

13/12/97 7:32 GMT
Thanks for all the great feedback....there has been a few slight bugs found but nothing extremely critical. So minor infact I don't think it's really worth making a patch. Remember to tell all your freinds about it and make sure they tell us what they think of it...we love feedback.

10/12/97 17:41 GMT
Found a slight problem with the Australian version. I forgot to move stuff around in the web dir and people that got the Australian version in the first 24 hours would have gotten a slightly bugged version that was a pre-release beta. The problem has been fixed. Also the link has also been fixed. All the feedback we've had so far has been great...thanks guys!

09/12/97 15:47 GMT
The Full Version has been RELEASED so GO GET IT . The phone lines are back up and the pak will be sent to a few mirror sites. It is 49 meg unzipped and 18 meg zipped.

09/12/97 15:47 GMT
Well we didn't quite make it. The TC is ready to go but the phone company has let us down. It is 4.30 am here and we are grabbing some sleep. But there will be a full version on this server within 6hrs. Practically guaranteed. Check out Q2 while your waiting.

09/12/97 00:19 GMT
Today is !!Release Day!! , not just for Quake2 , but also for After The Fall. Everyone has worked hard throughout the year to ensure this TC didn't follow the path of the many failed TC's and today we are ready to give it to you in all its glory. 15 levels , all new models, great new textures, new AI, gibbed hearts that keep on beating, innocent civilians to frag, all new weapons, and new sounds Best of all, its free!!!! From 3.00 am onwards (Eastern Time) we will be at #atf having a big IRC party to celebrate the release. This party will go for a long time , and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Stay linked to this page for download information.

07/12/97 12:26 GMT
This is Alex making an update, Dave is still too tired from the fraggingat Impulse 97 to be much use. ;] Anyway it looks like we will be delayed by a day or two, check this page to seeif/when the release and release party are actually occuring. The problem iswe need to revis all the maps with the final texture WAD so they dont have conflicting texture-names that crash GL.

07/12/97 12:26 GMT
Hi, We plan to have an IRC release party on IRC tuesday night Australian Time. i was hoping for Monday night but I can't see that happening so I'd prefer to make sure things are done properly rather than slapped together. Tuesday night here should be about tuesday Mornign over in the US. So join #atf and see if we're around. The ATF TC members are HotFat, Shogun, Gear, Doug, Krusty, and probably a few others that I'm too tired to remember their nick's. I've been at a Quake Tourney in melbourne this weekend and haven't sleapt in 39 hours..ARG!!

05/12/97 15:20 GMT
Alex and I are going to the Impulse 97 Quake comp in Melbourne this weekend and while we're there we'll do a final build of all the levels and stuff to make sure things are going super sexy and the release should be Monday night Australian time I think. Things are looking damn cool and I'm sure everyone will be happy with the result. Quake 2 is being released about the same time but our TC is cooler so don't bother buying quake 2 :)

02/12/97 18:10 GMT
We're still alive....Still fixing little things...I just added 20 idle frames to each weapon...look cool. Now I'm about to start on the credits. Oh and I redid a weapon from scratch today. Looks a lot sexier now.

28/11/97 04:39 GMT
Go Check this out!!!! ....It's an awesome review of our TC Demo. Pity they never asked us beforehand so we could give them extra stuff. Overall the review rocks....Love it!

PC Zone Magazine has put the demo on the CD of the lastest edition. So if you want it go buy it :P Also I've been doing lotsa little things lately like redoing skins and adding reload frames to some weapons and other things. Just making stuff cooler generaly for the final release. That's about it for now...bye folks!

22/11/97 18:148 GMT
I forgot to mention that a while ago another guy did a small review of our TC. You can check it out HERE.Also Russels page has moved and has been upgraded. It's now HERE.

17/11/97 20:13 GMT
I just grabbed some screen shots of a few of the latest levels that have been finished off. Check em out below.

On the news side of things, Levels are just about complete and we're just adding the final touches and a few other things. I have to get my act together and finish animating the god dudes and the guards but I'm on holidays now so I'll have plenty of time. I think what will take the longest is stuff like fonts and sounds etc to make the final thing have the look and feel that we want. Also we haven't heard any more news about our skins guy. I really hope he recovered.

13/11/97 09:03 GMT
If all goes well we'll be getting something finished on the next couple ofweeks. No promises really but we're going to be doing our best to get everything together ASAP, certainly not going to rush things at all tho. There's still a lot to do with finishing the end maps and gods etc butthings are looking good. I tihnk you'll be damn happy with the finalresult.

6/11/97 00:12 GMT
There been a small review of the ATF demo done at The Quake Realm. Go check it out.

4/11/97 06:57 GMT
I thought it was about time I updated. Just had a chemistry exam while the bloody Melbourne Cup was on...Hey who won? Anyway I've done a chunk of animating one of the god dudes and we've recruited 2 guys to start work on sound effects. Also recruited another guy to make maps as well and Marc has decided he can squeeze in a little level making time into his busy life so he'll get one more map done for us hopefully.

I almost forgot..go to The QMA Page and go to the modeling contest page and VOTE FOR ME!! that's Dave "HotFat" Biggs. Another guy form our TC also entered but I won't mention his name just incase you vote him and not me :)

29/10/97 01:55 GMT
Really bad news today. Scott, the amazing skins guy, was involved in a car accident 2 weeks ago and has been unconcious for the last 3 days. We all wish him the best and hope he recovers soon.

27/10/97 01:21 GMT
Hi again, Well life has been in the way again but the good news is we're about to get another map dude to replace Mark. Mark got a full time job and now doesn't have the time to do quake stuff. We was able to finish off 4 maps for us in the time he helped out so we're really grateful for his help in the project. Hopefully things will start getting back to normal soon and we'll have a lot more to tell people about. If there's a sound guy out there that wants to help out PLEASE mail us. We really need someone to help out in this area.

19/10/97 05:14 GMT
Sorry about the slackness of my updates. Real Life (TM) has been getting in the way. Things have slowed down a bit due to university exams and things for the Australian section of the crew and Doug has been busy with stuff as well. E1M2 is completed and looks damn cool and I've done some animation the gods but they're certainly not final yet. If there's anyone out there that wants to do a little animating for us I'd be a great help.

10/10/97 14:06 GMT
Howdy. Doug just uploaded his e1m2 level and everyone in the group said "Woooah!!!".....which generaly means if on the verge of just plain fucking awesome...hey is this a family page, dunno. Anyway Here's some screen shots from GLquake...and guess what...Just today I purchased a 3dfx card...WooHoo!!