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10-10-2000 - Auh3dm1 Realesed
So here it is my second map for q3a go and download it here quick!

screenies: shot1,shot2,shot3,shot4 . Yeah, I now I'm a lazy bastard for not updating my site, new design soon!

-Auhsan -

4-8-2000 - Auh3dm2 Realesed
Here it is my latest q3a map: Auh3dm2 - The Backstab. Download the map here

If u have any comments on the map don't be afraid of send it to me =).

-Auhsan -

3-8-2000 - New Q3 map soon...
Yes, at last I have finished a q3 map... it's Auh3dm2. It's a base/industrial dm map suitable for 2-5 players. I have uploaded 6 screenshots of it here:

shot1 shot2 shot3 shot4 shot5 shot6

The map will be out in a day or two, so stay tuned.

-Auhsan -

11-6-2000 - Lun3dm2

Me and a bunch of friends ( kdt, Psycotic and deathmonger) Have been testing this piece of art in beta, and yes, it kick major ass. This one is very much playable than lun3dm1 and it has some really good details. We have taked some demos of ourselves having a great time (you know, Drinking Beer and shooting something).

Take a look at the demos here. There are two demos of a 1on1 (deathmonger and I), taken from the two views and one in FFA. Lun, you're the man.

-Auhsan -

5-6-2000 - The BackStab Screenshots
Here I am again with more stuff of Auh3dm2. It's supossed that I had to finish auh3dm1 before start developing this new map but I'm more anxious to see this one finished. Well, here are some screenshot of the map:

   -Shot 1
   -Shot 2

Let me know for opinions, agreements or disagreements if you want to.

Good fraggin'

-Auhsan -

29-5-2000 - The BackStab (BETA 1)
Here it is the first beta of auh3dm2. This is only a gameplay beta don't spect anything in architecture, lightning or things for doing the map looks nice. 

I would be happy if you send me some feedback about item placement, gameflow, etc. as well as some theme to base this map.

Download the beta here


-Auhsan -

8-5-2000 - Links
First of all, I want to welcome the only and one QMAP. If you love maps you have to go there!!!.

Second, If you want some models for your maps, you can go to Oak's Shiro. There's not much stuff yet, but if you want some model maybe Oak can make it for you.

And finally, watch those screenshots of dm3tourney01 by deathmonger they look promising!! He have some bots for challange you!!

that's all, cya!

-Auhsan -

28-4-2000 - Screenie
I'm Baaack!!

I have been playing some lan deathmatches & mapping a lot. I have started my first Q3 level after some failed attemps. It have some new models made by Oak. I have made a pair of screenies:

I have also added my ICQ number on the left.

-Auhsan -

8-4-2000 - Auhdm2 at PureDm
Gibfest has made a review of my last map Painful Memories at Puredm (It got an Excellent!). Go and read the review now!

Btw, One of my friends (Deathmonger) has been hosted by planetquake. Check his site at http://www.planetquake.com/deathmonger

20-3-2000 -Auh2dm3 on LOTW
Shambler have included my map on q2dm level of the week on PQ check it here: http://www.planetquake.com/features/lotw/ 

-Auhsan -

19-3-2000 - Auhdm2 Realesed!!!! 
At last, I have realesed Auhdm2, It's a q1dm for up to 4 players. Go to the maps page for more info and for download it. You can also see some screens here. I'm waiting for opinions.

Have also fixed a language mistake at about page (thanx Bal!). Sure there's a lot more of mistakes. 

13-3-2000 - New map soon
I'm right now finishing auhdm1. It will be online this week, I think. There are some screens of auhdm1:


I will start mapping on a Q3a space map. I'm trying to do some mix between medieval/gothic and a space map... well it can be a little strange but I think that it will work.

Stay tuned!

-Auhsan -

27-2-2000 - Wallpaper
I have made a wallpaper of my site. I now that it isn't very interesting but it's a excuse for making a pic of the day for PQ main page. Here it is:

You can download the 1024x768x24 version here

And now I'm going to continue mapping!!

-Auhsan -

25-2-2000 - Hosted by PlanetQuake!
I have moved my site to planetquake!

Thanks to PQ for hosting me, I'm very proud and happy but... my name is AuHSan not AuSHan. 

I want also give thanks to all people who had send comments for making this site better.

I've had to restart building Auhdm2 from the beginning (compiling problems).

-Auhsan -

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