01-08-2004 - Worse Than The Blue Screen of Death...

I am very sorry to say that because of some sort of glitch I have lost what was to become Myrmidon, the idbase-themed q1sp I had been working with on and off for the past few months (see shots below). Needless to say, I was sick at my stomach when I realized that it was gone, but will try to get back on that horse again, and soon. Arrgh.

11-02-2003 - BREAKING NEWS!

OMG, I am such a dunderhead. I was just informed I forgot to credit the wonderfully talented inertia on his contributions to the idbase texture wad availble from this site, and am terribly sorry about the mistake. I hope he won't beat me up outside the local stop-n-shop or something...

08-30-2003 - We Can Rebuild It, We Have the Tech Textures...

Well, rebuilt Myrmidon recently -- or at least what I have of it -- since the former map was IMO too flat and spread out. The good news is that a few more good ideas have come about because of it, and heres some piccies to prove it:

08-25-2003 - Myrmidon Takes Shape

Yah, I've named it -- IMP1SP3: Myrmidon. Anyone who had DLed the base.wad here has probably noticed that texture in it, and wondered wtf was up with it -- well, it's gonna be Daedalus' big brother -- and it's looking to kick ass so far =) More pics:

08-17-2003 - Some Changes, And Progress

Well, I've decided to yet again use the idbase textures set for my new q1sp. Needless to say, it's been an inspirational move. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm also thinking about using rad lighting again, as I did with IMP1DM6. I'll have more pics soon =)

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