Here are the textures I've used or am using in my Q1 maps, and since I am always on the lookout for new and interesting texture schemes (as well as variants of the classic ones) I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my picks with you fine people. Mind you, they could be used for other games (and have been, in some cases) -- but WHY?

Base textures

This is a combo pack of idbase and custom textures made by myself, nane, NotoriousRay, Asaki, inertia and Tyrann =) Most of those were done either to fill out some of the "sub-themes" of the set, and to get the mapper who uses them out of a sticky widget. Remember Kids: IDBASE RULES!

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Metal textures

Believe it or not, but these are some of id's metal tex used in Quake, as well as some similarly-themed ones from the other id wads. Also, I've thrown in several tex I mutated for use in imp1dm5 and imp1sp2 (including the much-praised plat trim textures). Go, and have some head-banging fun with them.

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