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8/6/2003 - Bombq3 is still alive with new team members!
What we can say, things are going slowly in this period anyway we have a small update, we dont have a new version ready yet but everything is moving nicely in the team. Would like to introduce you another two team members: Peter B÷hme as an artist in the team, he can help us with 2d art (mainly men¨,HUD), some mapping and models and Symo (another Italian) as 2d/3d artist, he started the complete restyle of each texture in the mod he will do some concept arts about maps and also some 3d models. Peter made a very cool map called databq3, is really different,simple but got a really interesting 2d style with floating particles and blending platforms... is more than an experimental thing and work very good, we think we will include it to the next release .. be patience and take a look to this screens, two screens are taken from a new "test" version of the mod ... with bugs :).

The new version include a lot of new features,i dont want to list any now but the mod will change a lot and will be very near a complete total conversion! Stay tuned :D
Posted By:LordSquart

6/3/2003 - New decisions, update and new member!
Not many updates this days because we made a small break, i was working on my new map for Q3 (lsdm17) and other team members was busy with other things. Anyway i post new screens of 2 new maps bq3dm7-Abstract by KitCarson and bq3dm8-Crystal by our new team member Dash. We have another great member in our team and this is a great thing. About me and Eraser we are working on 2 new ctf maps for bombq3 we will show something soon! This are 6 screens of the new maps :

As you can see from this screens we have another camera system ready for the next release with this we are trying to develop new features like :
  • Health system (server command)
  • New powerups
  • New maps
  • more and more features!
stay tuned and please visit the forum and post your sugestions and comments about our mod! We will release the Beta2 this month if everything go straight! See ya soon!
Posted By:LordSquart

4/16/2003 - Decisions ...
We decieded to continue straight the development of the mod without any patch release and will release soon (about 1 month) the final version 1.0 of BombQ3!
We will post an update with screenies asap ... stay tuned and keep coming here !
Posted By:LordSquart

4/4/2003 - Servers and more !
Hail to all, i finally found 2 guys who have set up two good servers for our mod i post here the IP: | | German server | | Italian server

im very happy about our new community and peoples who appreciated our work, a special thanks go to the staff of this two servers and a very special thanks to Trauma666 and Arne "MagixX" Herbst who have hosted and configured this servers!

Stay tuned, we are really near to release a small patch which includes useful features : 5 different cameras, server var (health) and more ...

see you soon!
Posted By:LordSquart

3/29/2003 - More mirrors and tips!
Added more mirrors in downloads section

Also i forgot to say how to install the mod:
Unzip it in quake3 dir it will create a new dir called bombq3, after this run q3 select MODS from the men¨ and select bombq3 mod and load it! Have fun!

see ya ...
Posted By:LordSquart

3/28/2003 - Release - BombQ3 BETA1 !!!!

Finally we released the first beta of this cool mod :), here it is after 2 months of hard work the first version. You can download it with Fileplanet (we are waiting new mirrors i will update them soon), it is 11,2mb not too much for a mod like this ... we have worked everyday to create this. To take a look see this screens on the left. Hope you appreciate our work ...

The BETA includes:

  • 6 levels
  • Default gamemodes (DM,Touney,Team and CTF)
  • Simple temporary HUD
  • Exploding crates
  • Simple power ups (Bomb,Flame and Speed)
  • Funny and awesome gameplay :)

As you can see there is a new website too, simple with new sections and useful too ... hope you appreciate this too...

We are planning a new version after this which include new gamemodes,powerups and abilities system.

We are waiting considerations and comments in the forum please join and post what you think!

What we need now are :

  1. Mirrors
  2. Servers (please contact me if you can host!)
  3. Someone who can work with sounds

Contact me if you help me with one of this points!

Thanks and have fun with the mod and hope to see you in the forum!

Posted By:LordSquart


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