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  Development of the mod  
  I dont know what i need to write in this section and i decided to add a small story of our mod.  
  Found some time to write this small story about our mod, i personally started to think this mod about 1 year ago (was playing togheter with 6 friends on a PSX version of Bomberman) , written some things about, started some tests, then found some cool guyz on the net interested in mod making, at first i talked with Sheepslayer about the mod, he was excited about this. I started to create a simple site to share my idea to the community in search of interested peoples, 1 month passed when i found more peoples interested in this mod : Playmobil(old friend of my town called FrankinoLupo :),Eraser and KitCarson. 2 weeks of heavy development we build first alpha and published the first screen, personally i was really excited. Everyday we added more features to the mod and after 2 months of active development we are ready to release the first beta to the Q3 community and waiting to see our results. This gave me more experience working togheter with a Team and see after 2 months something is near a real videogame.  
Written by LordSquart - LeadProject of BombQ3


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