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  Friday 2000 03 31  
Update 08:53 EST (Mongoose)

The last MDDC prototype and the DarkBot source with Quake2 model frame aniamtion. Can be downloaded from here.

Also I've been working on a software 3d modeler for MD3 ( Q3 ), MD2 ( Q2 ), and MDL ( Hexen2 and Quake ) models. It's based on my mtk gui tool kit - so it should run on any GGI target. Known GGI targets: Win32, X, SVGA, GLX, frame buffer. I've only tested on X. You'll need machine running at least as fast as a 200Mhz socket 8 to enjoy the modeling ( be really fast ).


  Saturday 2000 03 11  
Update 02:40 EST (Mongoose)

While PQ is up, I'll post this. For the updated MDDC ( 0.0.3 ) along with frame aniamtion and the new error recovery go here. I can't get on PQ because it's down so often - so I doubt I'll update here agian soon. Lots of bug fixes and new features in 0.0.3 - if you enjoy graphics programming please help with the project. cheers...


  Thursday 2000 03 09  
Update 21:16 EST (Mongoose)

Another contrib for QuakeForge. I wrote support for the Q2 frames into DarkBOT final. Grab the source here. With this you can play as a Q2 player agianst Q2 bots in Quake. You need the new MDDC to convert your models. Note: texmapping is still not working well, I'm having a time with the packed vert manipulation. Email me if you'd like to help with that.
I plan to make a converter that can handle all kinds of formats, and replace MDL with either MD2 or a new format in QF Quake.


  Wednesday 2000 03 08  
Update 22:58 EST (Mongoose)

While I'm off for spring break I figured I'm contrib to QuakeForge. I made MD2 to MDL converter, called MDDC. With this you can use models from your Quake2 pak in QuakeForge Quake. I couldn't get the texture map to line up correctly, but that should be easy to fix by someone more well versed in graphics with my notes and the QK specs. If you wait long enough, I'll fix it. ;)

I plan to make a converter that can handle all kinds of formats, and replace MDL with either MD2 or a new format in QF Quake.


  Monday 2000 01 17  
Update 19:27 EST (Mongoose)

I just finished setting up my new machine on the home lan, and the old workstation is now my file/web/cvs/... server. I have NT and Linux on my workstation, so I can do win32 development now. Samba is nice, it took 5 mins to setup the server and clients in linux and 6mins to setup the NT client. Now I wonder if I can finds some cheap scsi disks and build a RAID array. ;)

I got everything working in the new work station except my old cdrw drive. I need one more 200Mhz P6 with SL254 stepping, 256K cache and heatsink to finish the new workstation. I had a time finding the *exact make/model/specs of RAM it uses. I should put a DVD player on this... or maybe I should wait for DVD on playstation 2. The movie industry may drive DVD into the ground, since the new heavyly layered ROMS can hold 4-5 DVDs on one disc.

My point is as soon I should be able to put some more time back into the QW interface for the Athena project. I'm also thinking about releasing my source code from school on the net this term. Compilers, networking, and graphics programming how fun! I can't release notes, since I don't own the rights - but maybe you can read it and understand. I'll dust off my laptop and start working on the QW code agian while in between classes - that should give me the free time.


  Thursday 2000 01 02  
Quakeworld Update 19:34 EST (Mongoose)

Gah! The damn PQ ftp won't only let me upload the QW file. I've tried for ~30mins... I have put it on my mindspring account. Get quakeworld-20000102.tar.gz from it for now. Anyone know of any free web hosting + shell account + cvs? =)

Quakeworld Update 19:05 EST (Mongoose)

New release quakeworld-20000102.tar.gz has even greater abstraction, full source tree in the tar ball, and no - I didn't find the "bot lag" bug. However, I have compiled and confirmed the genebot has the same bug! I've started to wonder if the bug may be caused by networking happenings on this box - that may be the case. I'll go over the net code and confirm/deny this. After finding the genebot has the same problem, it has to be something like that... I'll check to see what the server does with UDP/game code interaction and see if I need to add more emulation for machines like mine. ( I run alot of network protection scripts )

The reason I forked off from QuakeForge was to allow for less hassle from other developers, and a few members didn't impress me with their understanding of the GPL, development cycles, and social interaction. I do still like most of the guys on the team, but they where doing unrelated work on the QW clients. =) This will also be good, since I *won't be helping them with garphics driver modules or adding qstat support to the clients either - I can work solely on the server.

Hexenbot Update 18:42 EST (Mongoose) has news about the source release of the hexenbot. The website for the bot and the source are at CronosBot site on right here on PQ.

It's a goth FPS! 18:39 EST (Mongoose)

TheMasquerade.Org covers an interesting FPS? game. Reminds me of cute goth grrls in Atlanta. Hi meathead and knothead, you wicked wicked sucubui. =)


  Thursday 99.12.30  
Update 18:15 EST (Mongoose)

Download quakeworld-991230.tar.gz read below for instructions. New feature of Bot_SV_Talk, and more fixes and code abstraction. I spent most of my time looking for this velocity/time/gravity bug ( small QW demo of bug ) in the code. I will no longer waste time on it, as I have to finish the interface and API - not waste time on client emu bugs for now. I checked all the sv_ vars, checked frame times, and I didn't find it. It must have something to do with setting client velocity - watch the demo.

Update 00:07 EST (Mongoose)

First go get the CVS source from quakeforge. Then download quakeworld-991229.tar.gz. Now untar the last file somewhere *outside the cvs tree. You need GNU Make version 3.78.1, gcc version 2.95.2 19991109 (Debian GNU/Linux), and GNU ld version 2.9.5 (with BFD to be 'leet like me and build this w/o a hitch. At the least you need a modern gcc and GNU make. I won't help people using known buggy, older versions of gcc.
Do the command 'cd quakeworld'

Edit Makefile:



replace DIR_PATH_TO_QUAKEFORGE with /usr/src
replace DIR_PATH_TO_QUAKE with /usr/local/games

Now do the command 'make;make install'

I hope you have fun, this is *the base for the QuakeForge QW bot server. Please help me find the gravity bug, I think it may be my fault or it may be I merged the source into an older CVS source. I didn't add Rich's ASM, since diff said it was the same old song and dance. Please help fix any bugs you see, but DO NOT break coding conventions. This code has to play nice with the CVS code - if you prevert the code, then you won't get it back in the CVS tree. Thanks to Rich for giving me the QW faux client code! Now I can focus on the API and merging with the main source tree. =)

The API can be released in chunks, so I might do that to stave off bot coders writing poor code. If we all use the same interface this will allow me to write the CS/SS API, so that any SS bot can be a CS bot as well. I'm working on the either the networking or routing interfacing code tomarrow, if I can fix the gravity bug. Also the routing API uses SRPII and ATH routing files. The registry API base uses both handwritten and binary ENT files. I will add hand written ATH file support as well, for you odd balls. Note CGF uses SRPII.x files. =)


  Monday 99.12.27  
Update 18:18 EST (Mongoose)

The PQ IIS server holding this page is dead - you'll see this news a day late at the least it seems. No, I don't know why we don't run apache. =)

Athena/Quake Update 18:07 EST (Mongoose)

I just made this post on quakeforge, it explains the CS bot issue:
Imho, this project is *the fork... all blessed clients should be built off this base, and we should move trust to the serverside. I'm working on making a server that will allow a speical class of CS bots to get on a server. This way proxy cheats are reduced, but CS/SS authors can make bots that can play over the network w/o worrying about interfacing with the damn server code.

I'm still in design phase for the most part - I will be making an that can be optionally loaded into a bin based on this fork. That .so will contain server code in a new thread ( already have the TCP admin code finished, but not polished ) that allows bots linked to to play on that special server. I will also produce a for making pure server side bots. I'm waiting for the unified quake fork to be done before I start coding the interface code for the CS and SS bots for apprent reasons. =)

I hope to finish all the other modules like basic AI ( route module is done ) functions for the athena api, before unified quake is done. Another good thing is after this is done, an author merely has to port their bot's local game interface and make an athena interface for the ss or cs libs to port an entire bot from q, qw, q2, q3, etc.
Updates 14:07 EST (Mongoose)

I bought a new SMP socket 8 for Q3A bot development.

I'm also going to start helping the quakeforge fork with QW and Qauke source.

QSG is dead.

I got Athena loaded to the CVS server and I'll be working on it, until the unified Quake is ready for me to hack on...

I have lots of ideas to add to Quake: Q3A style gameplay, improving design, and optional athena unified server.


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