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Client side bots run the game program like a player on a terminal, and most must connect to a server to play agianst other (human or bot) clients. The network AI for clients-side bots must compensate for lag, cache information to a file/program on the client terminal, and be able to view leaves/brushes for navigation among other things. The reason very few client-side bots are out is due to the fact that the author must understand the games networking/console alogrithims to the extent that he/she can decode how the game does networking/console interfacing.

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  Quake2 Client bots  
Pandora Bot
Author: Darrin Cullop
I know this bot uses a GUI to report the bots doings and uses MFC. I should know a lot about this bot, but I lost all my mail agian so you MUST go to the web site!

Author: Mike Warren
This is *old news. Mike has this to say: "...mikeBot will be supporting Quake2 as soon as a network-capable version comes out and I can decode the protocol."

Author: ???
For demos and info on a new client-side bot called the tEDbot go to


  Quake Client bots  
The MikeBot
Author: Mike Warren
[The MikeBot Project] ...provides an extensive C++ base for people developing their own client-side bots who do not want to worry about sockets/quake network protocol/tracking entities, etc.

The Mystery Bot
Author: Aaron Drew (Ripper)
Currently the bot supports teamplay/dm and ctf (including the hook), but has a very limited navigation system. I have a site on telefragged at if you want to take a look at the bot itself. It can work on the loopback address ( so almost anyone with windows 95 should be able to play it. I am currently working on a new version which will support proxy mode (although NOT like the stooge bot with "cyborg" mode). This new version will support a non-waypoint navigation system that will take the ultimate shortest possible route through a level, interbot communications, better hook ai, and better ai in general.


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