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  Quake2 Source Code  
Toggle Hook mini HOW-TO
Author: Mongoose
This will give you - and for SABIN members your bot, the ability to use a toggle button of your choice to make an id CTF toggle hook.


  QuakeC Source Code  
DarkBot 0.13.9 source 3xCfg6A
DarkBot 0.13.9 paks
Author: Mongoose
This is an archive of DarkBot 0.13.9 source. This version is much better than DarkBOT Final. This is QuakeC code so I basicly did very ad hoc code. It has very bad coding style. Under the SA license. WARNING: You'll below QuakeC's tiny stack if you run more than 6 bots with SRP. Set ROUTE_ON = 0 in the SBLE menu to play more than 6 bots. I think QuakeC died with more than extra 96 entities.

DarkCTF BOT with SBL and Client Emu
Author: Mongoose
If you don't understand it at first look over it agian. If you must email me for help include details of your problems. This is an add on for the CTFBot that fixes some bugs, and adds my SBL ( client emualtion/bot loader ) to the bot.

FrogBot Beta 0.0
FrogBot Beta 0.1
Author: Robert Field
The FrogBot uses player movement physics to move the bot about. I haven't got to test this patch as of this writing, but try it out. The zip also includes the physics code for the FrogBot and the compiled progs.dat.

Quake Client Emu Source
Author: Alan Kivlin
Our friend in the UK brought us the most widely known QuakeC bot hack, adding bots to the client scoreboard. I can't say how much this helped client emulation.

Reaper HOW-TO: Ranking tutorial
Reaper HOW-TO: Weapons Steal Bug Fix
Reaper HOW-TO: Route Overflow Bug Fix
Author: Mongoose
The "Reapa" bot is a private mod of mine that adds some extra functionality and fixes some bugs in the Reaper bot by Steven Polge. Yes, for the record I made the "reapa" bot, but it wasn't supposed to be made public!!!! That's why removed it, and I thank them for doing so. Despite my better judgement I'll tell you how to "roll your own" Reapa. Please abide by Steven's copyrights. This is not supported by me. Don't bother asking questions of how to decompile. If you have a comment or a suggestion on the code feel free to mail me. I never thought anyone would read these, but you all told me about the bad code in these, so I fixed it.

Reaper Improvement Protocol v0.11 part I
Reaper Improvement Protocol v0.11 part I update
Reaper Improvement Protocol v0.11 part II
Reaper Improvement Protocol v0.11 part III
Reaper Improvement Protocol v0.11 Q & A
Author: Legion
This shows you how to add legion's player movement enhacment package to Steven Polge's Reaperbot. Please read the legal text legion gives you, both he and I will not be held responsible for your actions. Futhermore, we're not lawyers read Steven's copyright notice yourself.

R.I.P. v0.11 Lastman standing (Deathmatch 5)
R.I.P. v0.11 Bot communication and CallForHelp
R.I.P. v0.11 Adding weapons (Plasma Rifle)
R.I.P. v0.11 Random teamplay skin & coop bug
R.I.P. v0.11 Fix Deathmatch 4 Rules
R.I.P. v0.11 Fix Deathmatch 5 (Lastman Standing) Rules
Author: Pob
Pob the Impaler will be taking over Legion's RIP tutorials. I'll try to get the model files up soon. He's not just doing tutorials to add a lot of new stuff to the Reaper, but read the tutorials to learn how to add on these features to any bot.

Hacking encrypted progs.dats
Author: Plus
Plus is here to show how to defeat encrypted progs.dat files.


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