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Hey did you ever wonder what became of the old quake bots? Well all the bots that are no longer with us deserve a farewell. Be they a first generation enforcer model or a project thrown aside for a job at a game company, here they shall rest forever more.
You know of a bot that has pasted on? Email Mongoose and tell him about it, or send a full report. If you'd please correct me if I gave inaccurate information, I'd be greatful. Most of these reports are based on what I've read about the bots.

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  Quake bot listing  
Author: Punisher
Type: player model - deathmatch
Generation: 3
Web site:

Well what can I say it's the bot DarkBOT was based on. The first DarkBot (v0.0.1) was just Bgbot with skins and could move while firing. I owe you Punisher for helping me get started. Now to the ashes to ashes. Bgbot used nearly 40% of the player frames and most of the weapons, and was the first generation 3 bot to release source code, as far as I know. Nobody would consider this bot playable today, but this was a big step into emualating real players. It had "item seeking" in which the bot looked for visible items to run to and pick up, and it had a type of roaming. It couldn't swim, but by 1.60 it would jump if it couldn't move.
Rust in pieces old friend...

Author : Drew 'BZ' Davidson
Type: player model - deathmatch - ctf
Generation: 4

Well I sure wish Drew would mail me somthing to say here. If you like CTF and haven't yet played this bot then get it. It should be at still. This bot's lack of dynamic routing keeps it inside the generation 4 bracket dispite it's nice static waypoint system. It's also fun to play.

Author : Mongoose
Type: player model - deathmatch - ctf
Generation: 4

Well I still like to play this bot from time to time, because I'm networkless 90% of the time and want to play CTF anyway. It's a hack of Drew's CTF bot with DarkBot emulation (client colors, frag scorce board, and SBLE bot level spawning). All I have to say is it was fun the whole hour it took to hack. Source is on the Code page at BotShop.

Author: Patrick Martin
Type: monster model - deathmatch - ?
Generation: ?

Dragons 2.1 is available at

Dragons 2.1 is a *major* update to Dragons 1.0b. Dragons has become a monster/bot hybrid patch. The most important addition to Dragons is a new powerup that spawns a dragon familiar that fights for the player that picks it up. Other additions and changes are described in the texts.

Author: Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II
Type: player model - deathmatch - Clan Ring
Generation: 5
Web site: BotShop Code Releases

The DarkBOT project was intended to train players for clan ring and DM net play, and allow male/female Quake players. I'm currently working on routing and fact tables alogrithims for the Quake2 DarkBOT (Semi Intelligent Darkbot), by prototyping in Quake. I enjoyed this project, even though I never finished due to the fact that I would start then stop for various reasons. I also enjoyed chating other people in the Quake bot community, to name a few: Alan Kivlin, Roscoe A. Secero, Johnatan Wright, Mr Elusive, John Crikket, Mike Warren, Timm Stoke, and Drew Davidson. I learned a lot more about programming in general, since returning to college. Here's thanks to my professors: Will Lloyd, Dennis Edwards, Mitch Clifton, Bill Rivera, and anyone else I forgot or don't remember their name. Thanks to everyone who supported this project! Look for S.I.D. to start devlopment as soon as I get the Quake2 DLL source. Note I used to go by the handle 'DS'. =)

Author: Roscoe 'legion' Sincero
Link to info file: btsk23.txt

Legion had this to say:

This package contains the source code for a skeleton code to help you make your own bot. The only thing missing from the code is its own AI. However, this is a working skeleton code. I inserted a portion of BGBot's AI into the code. (The bot will NOT search for items.) It is assumed that you will add in your own AI and remove BGBot. Or if you wish, you can add the remaining portions of BGBot's AI so it can search for items.
This code uses velocity movement (just like a real player) to make for an excellent move code base. I suggest this package for beginers, for that reason. Get from, it's 824k. The bot already has fighting AI, but it's commented out by default.

Author: Peter van Wingerden
Web site : Type: player model - coop
Generation: 4

Peter van Wingerden just released the GuardBot Final. Legion said "It's a helper bot used in single-player games. It can shoot buttons, open doors, etc. The patch is also a compilation featuring teleport axe, proximity mines, homing missile, grappling hook, and many other features." I've also heard that it has excellent movement, but I haven't a clue to what extent it does like routing.

Type: player model - coop
Generation: 4

Gyrobot (also known as Indecisive bot) by "Gyro Gearloose" has been released. The current version is v1.04. It's movement is better than the Reaperbot (ie. it can get to the LG on START map but so can the original BGBot). It also features dynamically spawned waypoints (yeah, right. It still needs work) and waypoints hard-coded into QuakeC. It still uses ID's movetogoal to move around so it can't get to places real quick on broken ground even though it is jumping. You can download the bot from

Author: Coffee21

I'm currently developing a QuakeC game called Minion that offers a deathmatch sport similar to headball to the single player. Its highlight is the mobots, which are a cross between monsters and bots.

Minion will soon be in closed playtesting, and a beta will follow that shortly. I'm open to any kind of help: map designers, graphics people, whatever. The project, along with its website, is growing quickly.

For details you can check the Minion's Lair at

(Navy SEALs) Squad Bot 1.2
Author: William van der Sterren
Web site: Navy SEALs squad bot

The (Navy SEALs) sQuad bot offers a team (squad) of bots. Up to 4 bots coordinate their observations, their formation and their firepower as a team, in order to attack and pursuit the player.
Except for the (novel?) "team AI", the bots have "individual AI" that not only deals with movement, items, and fighting, but also with weapon reloading, and different postures (standing, sitting, rolling). This behavior is expressed through the excellent animations provided by the Navy SEALs patch.

Though intended to provide more realistic/intelligent monsters in add-on Quake levels, the squad bot now operates in map e1m1 (Slipgate Complex) in a deathmatch variant (due to beta testers demand). The "readme" at the bot's website contains additional  information on the bot's design and limitations.

Oak Bot
Authors: John Crickett and Neil Henderson
Type: player model - deathmatch
Generation: 4
Web site: The Oak Bot

This bot is based on the terminator idea, and changes skins to show damage while it spits out phrases like "I'll be back" and my personal favorite "uzi nine millimeter". It was a very inventive bot. I think it was also based on the BgBot. I never saw the final release, but I think it was still a generation 4 bot. Terminated...

Omicron Bot
Author: Mr. Elusive

This bot (from playing it for 5 mins) appears to be the best I've seen it moves quickly and is quite agile. It has chase and routing AI. It also the only bot to pass my House of No God level test. The bot I played IronMan is the exact type of practice I need it does hit and run attackes and appears to emulate a real player quite well. I don't believe in ranking the bots here, as they all have their merits and aren't made for the same purpose... But I will say Mr. E, well done... just like IronMan (t0ast!!) hehehe... I love it...

Reaper Bot
Author: Steven Polge
Type: player model - deathmatch
Generation: 5

Hey Steven doesn't even read Bules News, so I think I can say what I want about the reaper. I'd like him to contribute, but he's busy and might not even care... Reaper I lay thee to rest in this earth of CONTENT_SOLID, knowing despite all that's said and done you're the most historically important quake bot. You achieved much in what little time you lived, fare thee well.

Decker's Reapers
Author: Decker

The Reaperbot source code was merged with the Scourge of Armagon and PainKeep v1.0. I think these were the bots that got the reaper hack ball rolling. Then came the elima reaper, then bule wouldn't talk about. Steven got pissed (angry not drunk) at the elima reaper people and the rest is history. Somebody do a write up for the elima reaper. Decker's Reapers

Author: Mongoose

The Reapa bot is a tutorial to fix a few bugs and add scoreboard use to the reaper bot, by guess who, me. I had one of the first reaper hacks, but kept quite about it for a long time. I feel nothing for this bot, because it wasn't truely mine. Buh-bye reapa.

Author: Alexander Vinnikov (aka plus)

Alexander Vinnikov (aka plus) wrote a compilation patch and released it on June 4, 1997. The name of the patch is called QuakePlus. The file has been available for downloading from CDROM.COM since June 19, 1997. You can download his work at The compilation comes with new weapons and all that good stuff.

Author: Grinder
Website: Quakebot
(Grinder won the longest bot rant contest, see below)

I'm one of those guys who when QUAKE first came out, was stuck with a 28.8 modem and an internet ping for 500 or more. Thats not surprising actually considering I hail from Singapore. Back then, bots were my only hope of playing a fair and decent QUAKE deathmatch. I tried them all, but the one that really impressed me was the Reaperbot by Steven Polge. I was happy when I first heard that Polge was hired to work on Unreal but this soon turned to frustration when he decided to stop work on the Reaperbot and worse yet, prevent its further developments by anyone else.

You see, as good as it was, Reaperbot 0.81 was choked full of bugs. Sure, beggars can't be chosers but it really sucks when you get your ass fragged by a weapon-stealing, all-seeing, rock stable bot. Its hardly fair and frankly speaking, I'd rather watch daisies grow that play an unfair deathmatch. So I stopped playing the reaperbot and thankfully soon after, Quakeworld came out, my local ISP started a Quake server and well, you can basically guess the rest.

However, deep down inside me, there was still a yearning for the bot than never was, the never-to-be Reaperbot Version 1.0. Almost a year later, while I was surfing the web, I stumbled across a website called DarkSkye's Scrap Heap. It had tons of bot-related material, didn't give me the same old shit about "The best bot ever is the Reaperbot" that other websites kept on mindlessly spewing and best of all, had QuakeC tutorials on bots. From there, I got a link to Inside3D, another great site for bot-related info. Following the tutorials provided by these sites, and using a bit of brainwork (it was really tough for me because I have no programming background at all), I was able to decompile, edit and bugfix the old Reaperbot. The bot, I made, which I now call QuakeBot v1.0 (its a bot for QUAKE after all right?) is in my humble opinion, what the Reaperbot SHOULD have been. It boasts the following features [ I cut the list, it had a lot].

Best of all, it works just like the Reaperbot. Start QUAKE, make sure your play conditions are set (either by editing server.cfg or by using the menu options), go to the map you want to play on, turn skinmode on, spawn some bots and start fragging. The playing experience is MUCH more REALISTIC and FUN to the point where I sometimes feel cheated that for so long I was denied such a bot, when only a few hours work by me, a complete QuakeC moron, could result in a bot like the QuakeBot. Whose to blame? Thats not for me to say but I know that without the people like DarkSkye, the Inside3D team, the Reaperbot Improvement Protocol writers and not to mention the whole host of selfless QUAKE hackers and coders out there, all this would not be possible.

I am still aware however, that was I did was just the tip of the iceberg. There are some TRUE QuakeC coders out there and I sometimes wonder what amazing things they have safely tucked away in a corner of their hard disks. I know that the OmicronBot is going to be released soon. Written by someone who REALLY knows, QuakeC, well-verse with bot AI, and comprising of truely original code, I believe Omicron will be THE BOT for QUAKE. Sadly, though, I wonder whether it will ever be remembered as the BEST bot for QUAKE or will that honor go to the Reaperbot 0.81. Whatever the politics of the matter however, I know that until the OmicronBot comes out (it hasn't as of this writing), I'll be fragging away with my old QuakeBot v1.0 :-). I am sending in a pakfile with a demo of the QuakeBot to DarkSkye so if he thinks he wants to put it up, you can have a look for yourself at what I've done. I just hope this thing wouldn't repeat itself with Quake2.

Author: Carson Sutton
Type: player model - deathmatch
Generation: 3

In the text file it says "Essentially BG Bot v1.2 with more unpredicatable and intelligent roaming behaviour, and a few minor additional touches..". The roaming package add-on to Bgbot is fairly good and almost got put into an older DarkBOT patch. It gave the Bgbot the better abilitly to use teleporters and doors as well as roam more effectively. See the tombstone of Bgbot too.

Team Fortress Bot
Author: RainKing
Type: player model - deathmatch - TF
Generation: 4
Web site:

Like the CTFBot, it uses a waypoint system. Some of the 10 characters classes have been implemented and working orders have also been implemented. For more information, visit

Author: Jonathan 'Nelno' Wright
Type: player model - deathmatch - coop
Generation: 5
Web site:

I'm not going to put Nelno's bot to rest, somebody talk him into doing it... I'll be more than happy to post his words here. This bot is one of the few generation 5 bots out there. It has unreachable methods, it roams the level well, and it even routes very well. Try it out, this bot is one of the most fun to have a deathmatch with. Nelno got a job at Ion Storm working on Diakatana's AI among other things, so we'll have to wait "until it's done" to see what he's got cooking.


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