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I'm trying to morph this section into a more general AI workshop, and would like to have some of you guys to help me build this up like the old Scrap Heap shop. Instead of authors/writers getting a seperate "shop", we have general topic quot;shops" that are free to have articles posted by several authors. If you'd like to open a shop for a topic not listed here just mail me.


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Copyright Issues (Charles Mabbott)

An article that discusses copyright issues and informs authors how to avoid trouble, brought about by the SABIN/Eraser arugment.

Bot Aiming (Charles Mabbott)

An article on bot aiming, using a nice model of vision. Achilles is also a SABIN member, man he makes us look good. (It just took me forever to decode that Word 98 doc to html.)

Bot Vision Emu (Charles Mabbott)

An article on bot vision emulation, I had overlooked last site update. "It's new to you!" hehehe.

Shiva Routing Protocol II: 98.02.26 (Mongoose)

Well the title says it all, look at my old pathing algorithm. I now know this is "heretical" routing from UDP and TCP programming. I guess I was on the right track back in the day. =)

S.A.B.I.N. Memory Emulation Proposal: 97.12.23 (Mongoose)

S.A.B.I.N. Base Frame Proposal: 97.12.20 (Mongoose)

My AI Framework and Memory emulation proposals from Dec 1997 for the SABIN bot. These are a little old...

The Incompelete Fuzzy Logic 101: 97.08.30 (Mongoose)

General intro article on fuzzy logic, and it's mostly jargonless terminlogy. I'm not even taking AI courses, so I'd like to see some better articles here from somebody else please.

AI Visualization Article: 97.08.30 (Mongoose)

This article is pretty good for those just getting started, except disscussing flow charts got left out. I'll try to do another article soon, but who knows when I'll have the time.

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