About BQServer

BQServer Admin Site screenshots are available below

BQServer is a server-side ActiveX dll that allows a Quake server to be administrated from any web browser. Install the BQServer dll onto your server running IIS, and you can send rcon commands to a Quake server via ASP pages. Because BQServer allows the developer to send and receive rcon commands, you can have as much control over Quake as the game server allows. Using the web platform also allows endless flexibility with the graphical interface.

Why name it BQServer? Because ScrewUConsole seemed a little harsh.

BQServer now also features BQServer Lite! This is essentially the polar opposite of why the BQServer web tool was developed. Its the Quake console, on the web! All the goodness of an intuitive graphical interface, GONE!! This is no frills command based server administration at its finest. Screw you GUI!!!
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Currently the sample ASP code and DLL for BQServer (including BQ Lite) is available from the Downloads section. BQServer only supports Quake2 and Quake3. However, BQServer lite will likely support other games that use the Quake 2 and 3 engine. It has been tested and works with the new Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test.

Screenshots of the BQServer

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From the Log On screen you can connect to any Quake2 or Quake3 server.

The main controls to the BQServer (Quake3 Shown)

Support has been added for bots (Quake3 Shown)

Any rcon command can be sent to the Quake server from here.

An available map list can be generated from the map database to help picking a map visually. (Quake3 Shown)

New Mod support for Quake 3!! (Weapons Factory Arena shown)



BQServer™ was developed by Brian Taylor İ2001, for non-commercial uses. All rights reserved.
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