All files are intended for the Microsoft Windows/NT/2000 Server platform.
The BQServer dll requires that you have mswinsck.ocx installed on your server.

BQServer Files

  • BQServer Quake2 and Quake3 Admin Kit v1.31 (fileplanet mirror) 12/29/2001
    (Complete BQServer ASP Application, Images, DLLs, and Map database files.) Screenshots
    If you downloaded the Admin Kit before 11/14/2001, then you may want to update your files with this version.
    Now supports Quake3 v1.31, and features BQServer Lite.
  • BQServer Installer v1.2 (dll only) (fileplanet mirror) 12/29/2001
    (Installs bqserver.dll and mswinsck.ocx only)
    This is recommended for those of you out there that have developed your own web application, and only need the BQServer DLLs.

    BQServer was created with Microsoft ASP web developers in mind.
    A tutorial is in the works, but for now BQServer will be intended for advanced users.
    For the most part, all the necessary files to run your own BQServer admin site on an IIS platform can be found in the Admin Kit, above.
    Install BQServer.dll and MSWINSCK.OCX, and then place all of the web files on to your web server's root directory, or even a virtual directory.
    Make sure that the Execute Permissions are set to "Scripts Only" or "Scripts and Executables".
    More IIS settings can be found on the Support portion of this site.


Other Files



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