"Like you really care."

12/29/2001 - Damn it ID Software!!! I love you guys, but will you please stop breaking and then fixing your games!! 

...BQServer v1.2 is ready to solve your Quake3 v1.31 woes. All that's been updated is the dll.

11/12/2001 - Holy huge release! BQServer now supports Quake3 v1.3. Finally! The .dll and ASP pages have all been greatly update. Also, BQServer Lite is now in operation. Really only work in IE 4 and up. Sorry Netscape users.
5/15/2001 - Improved the Quake 3 interface. Fixed a few small bugs.
5/8/2001 - Oh Boy! Added a map admin section for Quake3. New support for Q3Fortress mod. Fixed the Friendly Fire bug, which probably nobody knows about. And I forgot to mention that the command list is now database updatable.
5/3/2001 - Q3 Alliance support, thanks to Dave Welsh. Fixed a few Quake2 bugs.
5/2/2001 - Added Dropdown selections and Web Links to the Mod support.

Infinitely better mod support!! Not the special settings for mods is database driven. So now its really easy to make BQServer compatible with any mod.

Also added support for Urban Terror mod.

5/1/2001 - Add support for the GridIron football mod. Plus a few other minor tweeks.
4/30/2001 - Added Auto Refresh feature for Quake3 BQServer. Remembers your preference when you log on again later.

Also added a useful commands list in the Send Server Commands area. Instead of typing dumpuser "bones", which does still works, you can now select dumpuser from the list and type bones in the box. Pretty clever!

4/27/2001 - Better map sorting and presentation. Did some bug exterminating as well. Sorry to all of you who just downloaded an update, to find out 15 minutes later, I just put a new version up on the server. The small price to pay for a gradually improving version of the BQServer Admin Utility.
4/26/2001 - Improved mod support! Download version 1.1 if you're having problems.
4/24/2001 - Added Bot/Human icons to the players menu. That way you don't kick a human player off the server when you really wanted less bots hanging around. Damn dirty cheat'n bots, how do you see through walls?!
4/22/2001 - Added user info support. Pop up window with an image of player's model and some information. Also lets ya know if they are a bot. Although a name like Phobos, might have been your first clue. Kind of neat, I guess.
4/19/2001 - Cleaned up the code for the much neglected Quake2 end of the admin site. Still not done yet.
4/18/2001 - Updated my web server! No longer am I running the site off of a Pentium166 laptop.
4/17/2001 - The PlanetQuake BQServer site will be officially launched on Wednesday, April 25th. In the case of bad weather, the launch will be held at a later date. Hold on to those ticket stubs!
4/16/2001 - Brian reflects on what an incredibly slow month that was after St. Patrick's Day.
4/15/2001 - Reduced the number of calls made to the Quake3 server by over half.
4/12/2001 - Slapped in some MOD support. But its really not very good yet. Had this urge to scrap everything as it is, and start over again... Screw that idea.
4/9/2001 - Added the ability to click the image of the map you want to load.
4/4/2001 - Realized how considerate it was of ID Software to be inconsistent with its server messages. Things that should be easy, are now nearly impossible. Thanks guys!
4/3/2001 - Added the... I forget...
4/2/2001 - Added bot support, as well as player and server name coloring. Anarki, what a frigg'n headache. I'm just glad that it works.
3/29/2001 - Began work on the Quake 3 version of the admin site.
3/25/2001 - Now has a special place to add bots in the site using the Eraser mod.
3/19/2001 - Started making a Quake 2 web admin site.
3/15/2001 - Built the dll and got the Quake2 server status to load on a web browser. "It begins!"
3/14/2001 - Got some serious help from your friend and mine, Will Lowman. I was a little new to socket programming, and will lent me some code to get me started. Which reminds me, I still owe him a beer and a cheesesteak.
3/13/2001 - Started work, slightly hungover.



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