11/12/2001: Where the hell have I been?!
Hell, its only been 5 months! All kinds of crazy stuff has been happening to me since we last spoke, and so this is my lame excuse for no doing a damn thing to this site in ages. I moved from Philly to DC (Wankers). I got me a job with the goverment (dept. of Ed). And moved into a house with my girlfriend (driving me nuts). But the best I can say is I'm sorry for taking so long to put out a version of BQServer that works. But here it is, and I hope it makes your day a happy one. There were all sorts of goofy issues that ID's latest network code created. You'll notice that BQServer isn't as lightning fast as it used to be. Well, we can thank ID for only allowing rcon commands to be sent no closer than a half a second. Ten commands sent to Quake3 = Five seconds of your precious time. So to compensate for this, I really optimized the BQServer Web Admin, and how often it sends rcon commands. The first time you connect to a server will take the longest. Once you are connected, a lot of the data is stored in a session variable, until something is changed. It seems to work pretty damn good. I would also like to mention here and now that Will Lowman saved my ass once again.
That is all...

Brian Taylor
(resident drunk)

P.S.  If any of you folks out there live in the DC metro area, and likes to drink mass quantities of beer and watch hockey... send me off an email. I don't know anybody around here and I'm quickly losing my tolerance to alcohol. We need to have a Quake Nerds Bar Crawl or something. We all need to get out and socialize. Meet some girls and get thrown out of clubs. And yes, you have to stay out past 10pm!

5/8/2001: Bare with me folks!
Well, its been an interesting few weeks. I think I've released about 20 versions of the Web Utility, and I'm far from done. I have to thank a lot of guys out there who have been diligent in sending me bugs they've ran into. It makes my job a lot easier, believe it or not. But eventually I'm going to get busy with work again, and I won't have the time I've had recently to work on BQServer. I promise I'm nowhere near abandoning it! But the beauty of BQServer is that the source is yours to do whatever you want with. So if you do something great with it, let me know. I can add it to the main download off this site. I happily take submissions, for mod support and even support for new games besides Quake2 or 3. I would love to have QuakeWorld, HalfLife, and Unreal be a part of the BQServer! But I almost never play those games, and I'll likely never get around to supporting them all by myself.

5/2/2001: A New Release
Hey, its time for another official release of the Admin Utility! Mod support is a whole hell of a lot better now. Not to mention the auto refresh feature, and a slew of bug fixes. Plus I have included direct support for Urban Terror, GridIron, Weapons Factory, and Western Quake. There will be more to come in the future, and you can always make your own.
Download the update today!!

4/26/2001: The Day After
Wow, I was not expecting such a great turn out! I was expecting a couple dozen visits, and instead there were over 700. If I knew you was coming, I'd a baked a cake. PlanetQuake has been great to me. This is the encouragement I've needed to continue working. Thanks again for stopping by!

4/25/2001: BQServer Officially Released!
After about a month of fiddling around, BQServer is ready for public trial. Perhaps no one but its creator sees the need for a web based Quake admin utility. Well its too late for second thoughts now! Download it for yourself today. Its free and its relatively painless*. Be the first nerd on your block who can admin their quake server from a web browser.

-Have Fun,
Brian Taylor
(resident nerd)

*in rare cases, people who have used BQServer have experienced such mild side effects as headache, nausea, and agonizing death. Although rare, if these symptoms occur, please consult your local mortician.

4/18/2001: Old Lappy goes into retirement.

After 5 years of dedicated service, Old Lappy the Pentium 166 laptop, has gone into retirement. As is typical in the working world, Old Lappy has been replaced by a younger faster computer. A Celeron 466 by the name of Homer, has taken her place as web and game server.

In late 1996, Lappy was brought home, to be used as she was made to be... As a portable computer. She worked as a portable for almost 4 years. Suddenly on day, her lights went out. Her LCD display went into shock. Doctors did all they could to save her sight, but it was too late and too costly to save. Since then, Lappy has been without a screen. But being a trooper, Lappy did the one thing a computer without a screen can do. Be a server! And for over a year, Lappy worked day and night, without a fan, tucked away behind a couch. She spent most of her time there as a Quake2 and web server. And a damn fine one at that.

It goes to show, you're never to old to be useful. Shine on you crazy laptop. We'll miss you.




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