Q1: What kind of server configuration are you running, cause I can't get this damn thing to work?!

  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP1
  • Celeron 466MHz 128meg RAM
  • SDSL 400k
  • IIS Settings:
    • Execute Permissions: Scripts Only
    • Application Protection: Medium (Pooled)
    • Enable Session State: TRUE - 30 minutes
    • Enable Buffering: TRUE
    • Default ASP Language: VBScript
  • bqserver.dll and mswinsck.ocx are in the system32 dir and are registered
  • Quake2 version 3.20 with Eraser mod installed for bot support
  • Quake3 version 1.30

Q2: Ok then, I have the bqserver.dll and mswinsck.ocx files in the system32 dir, how do I register them?

A2: Open a dos prompt and type regsvr32.exe bqserver.dll
      Then regsvr32.exe mswinsck.ocx

Q3: How do I connect to the dll with VBScript in ASP?

A3: Here's an example: 

set BQServer = Server.CreateObject("BQServer.Quake")

Q4: How do I call the dll?

A4: This example sends the Rcon command status to the server, and returns the info as text:

For Quake 2 use this code:
variable = BQserver.Server_Command(Command, IP, Port, Password, TimeOut)

For Quake 3 v 1.30 use:
variable = BQserver.Server_Rcon(Command, IP, Port, Password, TimeOut, ComDelay)
ComDelay was created to force a delay between commands sent to the Quake 3 server. 0.5 Seconds seems to work best. This issue came up in recent point releases of Quake3. This may be part of the AntiCheat counter measures. ComDelay may be tweaked to better work with your server.

Quake 2 Example:

Var_Status = BQServer.Server_Command("status", "", 27910, "MrBurns", 6)

Quake 3 v1.30 Example:

Var_Status = BQServer.Server_Rcon("status", "", 27960, "Smithers", 6, 0.5)

Because of the huge changes made to Quake3's network code, it was necessary to create two different objects for the different server types.

Q5: I have Windows 2000 with IIS installed, but not Advanced Server, will this still work?

A5: Yes.

Q6: I have everything installed, and it seems to be working fine. But I don't see the images of some of the add-on levels on my server, and they don't appear in the drop down list, or the map selector. What's the deal with that?

A6: You may need to put an image of the maps you have on your quake server, into the BQServer web site. This image can be a screenshot, or pulled right out of the .pk3 file's levelshot. I only have the standard Quake maps, and a few of my favorite add-ons, in the BQServer. Also, for this map to show up on the list, you need to add it to the MS Access 2000 database, quakemaps.mdb. I'm working on a utility that does this from the web. For now you need to do it manually from Access 2000, or write your own utility.

The map images should be placed in the \quake3\baseq3\images folder for Quake3, and \quake2\images for Quake2. You need to name the image files as their map is named (nedsword.jpg) You'll see there is a place for bots as well for Quake3.

Q7: What web browsers does the BQServer Admin Utility support?

A7: Its been tested with IE 5.5, and should work with any version of IE 4.0 and up. However, you can build your own site that works with just about any web browser. The more simple, the more compatible.

Q8: I want to load bots with Quake2, but I keep getting this error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
Type mismatch: '[string: "d "bot_num"]'
/quake/quake2/bqserver_quake2.asp, line 263

A8: To have bots with Quake2 you need the Eraser mod on your quake server. Click here to download Eraser.

Q9: What games does BQServer support?

A8: Its been tested with Quake2 and Quake3, but will likely work with any game that uses either of those game engines.

Q10: Hey, you're supposed to be a wed programmer and designer by trade, yet this site looks like poo. What gives?

A9: Well ya see there's a really simple explanation for that... (Brian runs away)





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