last site update: friday, 07142004

Sorry I forgot to update the bat file. You can get the correct bat file [here].

box is now configurable to be compatible with qw, besides detailed description for box

Probably lfsp7 will be lfsp10 in the future, which will be the boss map, because it's too hard for a common level. Thus the boss level of my series won't be about fighting a huge boss monster with 100000000 health or stuff, the level will rather symbolize the gift of the "boss" for you, and your job is to fight the level itself and not some kickinass monsters and stuff. I find it kind of more original.

Let's see some other stuff since my last sign of life:
lfdm8 update
box update
lfdm9x update
lfdm7 update
lfdm3 update
lfdm11 update (the ramps were too small for qw)
lfsp1 update
And there's gonna be some more like soon.

first serious lfsp7 bug detected! (I told you so :-]) The vore's bomb could be fooled by turning back at the round path in the first room.

lfsp7 is already done.   HUNTDOWN
The map might contain some serious bugs, becuase it's the first release. Check it out anyway.

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["What the hell are these leds? Am i in a discotake or what? Disguisting!"]