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Oct 1, 2002

Wow. Do you guys all have me bookmarked or what. I told one person that my new one was ready, and I have 27 downloads! I haven't even verified the link! But its all good, so enjoy!

September 30, 2002

"Dirty Little Secret" has been released. It has been ready for sometime now, but I just recently got back to mapping. This is a small 1vs1 Tourney level designed for promode or OSP modes. It can handle a 3 peep DM, but I prefer the tourney modes :) It has a great texture set by sock, and a kick ass skyboxby the Mighty Pete. It weighs in at about 3.7mb. I hope you enjoy it, I may get another pro map out after this. Or a CTF, I just dont know :) Got a lot on my to do list.

July 30, 2002

Just a quick post to say- Go visit The Mac House of Asswhip! Really cool guys and gals dedicated to the FUN and sportsmanship of gaming and all the healthy competition that goes with! You can play on their servers, currently running Q3A, Wolf, Urban Terror and UT. Plus occaisional others!

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