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March 08
  • I did a huge overhall of the whole page, I need everyone's help to get me up-to-date with all of the QUAKE1 buttons out there so send them in!

    Dec. 30

  • Page is up at PQ now, thanks for hosting me PQ.
  • There might be a few bugs in the pages.. but those will be worked out soon.
  • We also plan to maybe have a new page design.

    Do you need a button made for you! Here are some people the can make one (Please read THIS before you send them e-mail)

    * Super A all around good button maker, click here to see some of super's work.
    * The GimpOne of the best makers on the net, but he is very busy and he might not beable to make one for you. Click here to see some of his work.
    * You Do you make cool Buttons? well this could be you.

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