Submit buttons

Rules to submit you sexy little button:

  • 1. Must be 88x31 pixels
  • 2. Must be a 4 to 8 letter or number file name.
  • 3. File name must have something to do with the button (I have to change so many buttons from button.gif to something else so it saves me time.
  • 4. Must not be over 150k (point to this is.. I want realistic buttons people will put on there page.. even 150k is very high.
  • 5. Put your best into it... If you suck at animation make a great non-animated button.. because I would take a good non-animated button over a bad animated one anytime.
  • 6. Try to make your button look 3d a little anyways or have some kind of border on it.. because flat buttons, well look bad.
  • 7. Also.. I update the page in groups of buttons I get so I save them.. so don't expect me to update right away.
  • 8. Include the section that you want your button to be in.

  • Read that stuff? then e-mail your button to