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22 sept 2003 - 1 year on

Yes, it really has been that long almost since i've updated. I could have posted updates saying that i've been doing a bit of mapping here and but what's the point? instead I leave u in the dark.. until now! Well then kids, today i release a new map for the half-life mulitplayer mod Deathmatch Classic. I don't expect many ppl will play it because DMC isn't exactly a hugely popular mod to my knowledge but i needed a change from the usual Quake deal. It also gave me a chance to mess about with some fancy effects such as the plants and vines in the map which were done with half-life's blue backgrounded textures. Also the coloured lighting helped bathe the map with softer effect. Anyhow. head over to the maps page to take a lookie!

16 oct 2002 - Downloads, get ya downloads!!

Hello there! ya hear that? I finally finished my quake2 map off, and about bloody time. Over a year that f**k took! i did work on it on and off but i was determined not to let it beat me. Afterall, what's the point in spending so many hours making a map if you're not gonna finish it? I think that's my new incentive for every map to come now :) Also i know i've been along time in updating the site, but that's mainly because my ftp prog wasn't working right and so you poor guys missed one of my amazing updates in may sometime :( it's ok, don't cry! i'm back with you lot now!! whoo i hear you all scream! Anyways i recommend you head on over to my maps page and grab that fresh hunk'o'lovin called Torn Glory while it's still fresh and hunky. it's fun for all the family!! Big thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, big-ups go out to g3d and Biff since they're both good friends and always a good help (although g3d's a bit wet) I got an e-mail from a guy who'd played the map and recommends that u set 'gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear' in the console since it makes the textures look nicer. I've tried it and it does too, so i thought i should pass the message on. One more thing before i leave you for an undetermined amount of time as usual is nothing really since i forgot what i was gonna say. Maybe i'll change that last sentence if i remember eh?

1 may 2002 - uh-oh uh-oh!

Well.. for some reason my net's been buggered up allday, so when u do read this it most prolly won't be on may 1st. Dodgy cable connections eh. Anywho, the time away from that evile #terrafusion place and generally being online has given me the chance, and will power to do some mapping. Since i worked on my q2dm last i thought i'd best do some on my DMC map to keep it upto date; and actually i've done poop-loads. it's now nearing 65% completeness i'd say! r4wk! i've been through and completely changed the whole texture set now so that the textures aren't as repetitious and i'm sorting the lighting out to make it somewhat more contrasting and imo it's looking real cool. I haven't changed the screenies of it on the maps page or uploaded any new shots, so don't go snoopin' ;) u'll just have to wait a little longer.

27 april 2002 - Told you i would ;)

Seeeee. i have updated the site! ;) ok i've not really got anything thrilling to say, apart from that i've been working on my q2dm some more and have finally got some idea of how it will finish up. i've been through and deleted the same section once again that i wasn't happy with (this is about the 4th time now!). But i think it's finally looking good :) Also i found out why the skybox wasn't working as a skybox, but seems to be alright now that i've turned 8 bit textures off. Once the map's finished off i'm gonna scout the net for 2 good q2dm players that can duel and record me a demo on the map which will then be recammed and supplied with the release of the map. If anyone is interested in it then drop me a mail :) Anyways, hopefully it'll be under 2 weeks before i finish this map. That's if i work at it for a little everyday; hey i'll do my best! :)

24 april 2002 - Alive!!

Ok, it's been more than a little while since my last update.. why? no real reason apart from the fact that i haven't finished anymore maps yet so haven't posted much on my own site about it. Also since it's been getting real nice and summery lately here in sunny England i've been going out with friends and girlfriend alot more. Whoa is she a hottie!! :)~ I'm getting loads better skating now too. wh00t! i can rinse down that skatepark now bitches ;) suck my shiney ballsacs n00bs! anyway, back to maps.. i am working on a couple. Wha?! u say. Yeah. I shit you not. I have almost finished a map for q2 and one for Deathmatch classic. Da FUK!? u murmer. Yeah, well i couldn't find any decent DMC maps out there that weren't dodgy conversions or slapped together in 10 minutes by your sister. I've decided, because i've kept all u loyal fans waiting so so long that i'd stick them up on the maps page in their various complete stages so u can look at the tiny screenshots and love it. But oh no you can't download them just yet ;) ahahaha! Also, (aren't u guys lucky today?!) i've now uploaded carddm2b which is a retextured version of 'Stinger' done up in Sock's egyptian textures. Please note that it was retextured by Fern and not me; but i thought i'd make it official by putting it on my site, just to please the little plant ;) Shouts go out to RPG for taking the shots for carddm2b on the maps page, since my quake won't do fov 120 :( One more thing.. as a bit of p1mpage to myself i've made this little tacky wallpaper of my q2dm which can be found right here. it's in 1024x768 so u may have to stretch it bitch. I promise to update again soon ok? :)

2 october 2001 - Vondurific!

Hey! it's been a little while since my last update but i didnt really have much to update with before :) I can now safely say that that delightful Vondur fellow has added a 'Mail' button to my site so u can now get in contact with me if you're desperate or just wanna send me some feedback. In other news a review of carddm2 - 'Stinger' has been put up at DaZ and DranZ's Religion Quake site. I've added a link to it in my maps section so go there and take a lookie now! or just click this direct