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Latest News:

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Minigame Movie and Lan Fun!
Posted by @ 8:19:23 PM

I whipped up a cheesy little avi of the new marioesque "coin mini game" that is being added as one of the minigames in the new Episode voting portal. You can download the 4.2 meg bundle of joy right here. With the alternate Episode voting portal you will now be able to vote for 'sets' of maps or 'episodes' which you will play those maps with the gametype and episode that was voted on, then return to the portal for further voting. It's excellent stuff, 1.5 is looking to be the best release yet. More Threewave quality maps coming with this release as well!!

On the Saturday, May 25, 2002 - 10:00am, I will be out at a Grand Openning of a LAN in Florida called EsportsPro. This is a regional league based lan, homebased in Tampa, and will have lans throughout the state of Florida in many locations, the idea is to have a lan every weekend somewhere in the state of Florida. Sounds like a nice plan, I will be out there with some Threewave Bootay, and we will be of course be playing some Threewave!! If you are in Florida any anywhere near Tampa, make sure you head on over to EsportsPro. Stop in, check it out, and I'll see you out there!!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Blacktongue Returns
Posted by Casey @ 4:35:52 PM

The Official Threewave CTF server "Blacktongue" is back and ready for CTF action. UPS dropped the ball in getting the parts we were expecting, and showed up two days late, throwing our whole upgrade schedule into a tailspin. The server is now a dual P3 1ghz, making it about six times faster than what we were using before. Much of the hardware was generously donated by Gamershaq and ss-Qub3d of the clan Silent Service.

You can expect to see all kinds of crazy changes around here soon, including the pending release of Threewave Capture the Flag version 1.5. We've also relocated our webserver and our news comments board will be noticeably quicker for you. We'll be hosting a match server for the CAL CCTF league, and donating CPU cycles to the search for signs of coffee in the rest of the universe. Please play some CTF, and be sure to tip your waitress on the way out.

We'd also like to send out extra special thanks to Bjorn, the father of the Blacktongue server and Parasun Technologies for the generous hosting services.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Threewave 1.5 Preview
Posted by Casey @ 5:28:48 AM

UKGamer Columnist, Carla Louisa "155&Rising" Andrews updates today and writes a huge preview of the next release of Threewave's Unification Project in detail, accompanied by 20 exclusive shots showcasing the new features. Also there, are thoughts and comments on the CBDTPA bill that Senator Palpatine or somebody like him is trying to push through the Imperial Senate. Head on over for a great read.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Threewave 1.2 Released
Posted by Kalo @ 10:52:12 PM

Here it is. The long awaited 1.2 release of Threewave Capture the Flag. Featuring great new additions, bugfixes, and all the lubbin that the law allows without an adult-check password. If you've 'Got Flag' then you'll need to visit our mirrors page to pick up a copy of 1.2 and get back in the game.

Update: Here's some servers that are running 1.2 already:






Afaik, if you install 1.2 you can still play on 1.1 servers that haven't upgraded yet.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Threewave 1.2 Tomorrow
Posted by Kalo @ 4:47:34 PM

We are almost completely satisfied with our current beta, and unless any new bugs come up you can expect to be playing 1.2 as early as 7PM EST tomorrow! Here are some more of the bugs we have fixed:

  • Fixed gauntlet hit in CTFS warmup.
  • Fixed knockback for shotgun in CTFS (using g_maxTeamKnockback).
  • Grapple now has 2 modes, predicted mode for hpbs and non-predicted mode for lpbs (cg_predictGrapple 0 or 1).
  • Fixed quickstart menu not adding servers correctly.

    As always, if you are a server admin or would like to mirror the files, send an email to or stop by our irc channel at #threewave.

    Monday, January 07, 2002

    1.2 Update
    Posted by Kalo @ 4:51:40 PM

    Our new patch is currently being tested and should be out soon. Here are some of the fixes in the update so far:

  • Fixed getting defend flag points near you flag in CTFS when you are on offense.
  • Fixed server spam of CS_SERVERINFO on player connect (cl_parseservermessage error).
  • Fixed server spam of CS_SERVERINFO on map_restart.
  • Fixed teamed spectators not able to global chat.
  • Fixed james model bug.
  • Fixed scoreboard error where player names are not drawn when connecting.
  • Fixed error with cg_acceptVoiceChats where it prevented writing of voice text.
  • Fixed grapple through floor on q3wc1.
  • Fixed S_FindName error (hard to verify, but should be fixed).
  • Fixed server crash because of invalid clientnums caused by floodprotect.
  • Fixed server crash because of bad IO handling in new ban code.

    I'm sure we'll find more things to fix before its all said and done, but we just wanted to reassure you all that we are working very hard to fix all of the known issues with the 1.1 patch.

    Saturday, January 05, 2002

    Posted by Kalo @ 2:28:05 PM

    As most of you can tell by looking at the site, there hasn't been anyone reporting what's been happening in the Classic CTF world. That's going to change. I have personally taken over posting news here, since everyone is busy with real life and working on another Threewave release. A lot of people have been having problems with our 1.1 release. What do we ask of you? Report them on our bugs forum so they can be fixed, rather than having them exist longer and going unnoticed. This way we can all kick some butt without them! One post down, many yet to come.

    Saturday, November 10, 2001

    Threewave Classic Tournament
    Posted by @ 5:07:41 PM

    I got word from Imprint that he's starting up a big Threewave Classic CTF tournament over on his site 4thwave. If you've got a team and you're ready for some competitive action, then head on over to 4thwave and get yourselves signed up to play. I hear that Senator Joe Lieberman has a Classic CTF clan and they expect to walk home with the top prize as long as they don't end up playing on a server in Florida. If you think you can take em, sign up!

    Wednesday, October 24, 2001

    Threewave is PQ Mod of the Week!
    Posted by @ 10:22:34 AM

    Head on over to PlanetQuake and check out Threewave, Planetquake's Mod of the Week, they give us a pretty glowing review and it's pretty nice. Here's a bit of what they had to say:
    Threewave CTF is purely astonishing in the way it has been built for for Q3A. Those who are familiar with the Quake 1 version will find their jaws on the floor after looking at the improvements and expansion that Threewave CTF has undergone in being made for Q3A. There is so much in this mod that you'll be finding new stuff for a long time to come!
    Now head on over there and check it out.

    Wednesday, October 17, 2001

    Having Troubles with Unpure?
    Posted by @ 1:14:09 PM

    I've actually seen this error at the lan I was attending this weekend and want to make sure you guys are aware of the pak files and where they should be. Click the link below to see what your paks should look like and where they should be. Notice the pak6.pk3. (That's an id file) A couple of the people had unzipped the files to a temp folder and only moved the Threewave folder. 99% of the issues we've fielded so far have been mostly user error. If you have checked your paks and they match below and are still getting errors please add your issues to this post. Thanks.

    How your directories should look after installation.