Catch the Chicken

   Before you start...

You need Quake II version 3.15 or higher. (3.20 latest)
Get the full version here, or the upgrade here (requires full 3.15 or later).

Visible Weapons patch is optional but, go on...
You can get it from here.

Also supported is Standard Logging.
GibStats is what you need to view the log files

   Catch the Chicken downloads

   Current Version
Catch the Chicken v2.01 Win32 full client/server install - 2,867kb mirrors:
Catch the Chicken v2.01 Linux full server install. - 2,898kb mirrors:
Catch the Chicken v2.01 Windows server dll Upgrade. - 170kb mirrors:
Catch the Chicken v2.01 linux server .so Upgrade. - 210kb

Catch the Chicken v2.01 Source - 2,239kb

I am releasing the source under GPL 2.0 licence.
I would ask that you please send me a patch of whatever modifications you do
so that I can roll them into the official release. My goal is to keep the CtC mod alive.
So please help keep the mod fresh and up to date.
Thanks --- Weasel

   Old Versions
Catch the Chicken v2.0 Win32 x86 full - 2,867kb
If you aren't running a server you can use this to play on 2.01 servers
All 1.4 downloads require 1.3 full installed first.
Catch the Chicken v1.4 Win32 x86 upgrade - 174kb
Catch the Chicken v1.4 Linux x86 game file - 177Kb mirrors:
Catch the Chicken v1.4 Solaris Sparc game file - 253Kb


Catch the Chicken v1.3 Win32 x86 full - 2,379kb


Catch the Chicken Config File Maker

You need to unzip with path names into your Quake2 directory. In WinZip this is done by checking the "Use Folder Names" check box. If you using pkunzip you need to use the -d option.