Catch the Chicken

   Quake 4 Catch the chicken?

I am ready to begin porting CtC over to Quake 4. It may take me some time. I want to form a team of coders on this. An NDA will be required but you will get credit in the mod for your contributions and can get an opportunity to show off your skills. I really want to have this done by the end of January if not sooner, so please contact me ASAP.

Contact me by clicking on the Email Us link over on the left if you are interested.


   Wanted: Coders!

We need coders. I especially need someone to go through the existing code and clean it up and strip out the uneccessary bloat so that when we add new features we don't end up being too huge.

Contact me by clicking on the Email Us link over on the left if you are interested.


   CTC Alive and Clucking!

I bet you thought CtC had flown the coop, well it's still here and now you all will have something to crow about!

I am Weasel and have played CtC since its inception, I still enjoy playing it, but I got digging into the source code and found a few bugs. I then got the idea of contacting Jason Zueller about adopting the mod. Well they agreed, and now here we are. With that in mind, I will be taking down the 2.0 source code. Sorry, but I kind of want to get things stable and on track. Eventually I will release source as we do a new release so that you can compile it yourself if you wish.

I will be releasing 2.01 within the next couple days. 2.01 fixes a couple minor server bugs such as the overflow when the chicken menu was opened by a player. I have also fixed the linux versions to load the maplist.ini and the motd files.

I have a lot of plans for upcoming CtC releases, such as map voting, "high scores", and a running game commentary ala Qpong. Email me if you have anything you want to see.

I am looking for developers and modelers that want to help with this mod. I am especially interested in making this mod available for Q3 Arena and when possible Quake IV. Contact me if you are interested.


   CTC source code

Yep, that's right, here's the code. Well you have to go over to the download section to get it, but I assume your all familiar with that routine.

Well... I haven't updated in about six months now, due to many reasons really. Firstly we all started getting bored of the whole Quake thing, ODed on it so to speak. Secondly we spent the Christmas/New Year period writing our own DirectX thing (2D, pretty lame compared to today's standards). So if we get back to programming anytime soon it'll be some simple Japanese style cute 2D game. That is to say we are NOT going to be going near CTC again. If anyone wants to compile the code to work with the latest versions of Q2 then feel free. I'll put the binary up for download.


   2.0/Team CTC released

Ok sorry, I know I said I'd release CTC 2 yesterday but I had connection problems. It's here now so go download it and have fun (I hope you do anyway).

You can of course get it from the download page on this very site. The Linux and Solaris versions will be out when they get done some time soon.


   It's been a while

What the... an update on the CTC site. Well yeah, I know I havn't updated in a LONG time and the team version of CTC should be out now... well a couple of weeks ago actually. Anyways I'm going to release it tomorrow, just have to make sure everything is all setup right so I don't put the wrong files up for ya. We'll be including Catch the Chicken Config File Maker 2 (supplied by Steven "Mr Assassin" Honson), which was released before this was due to the incredable slackness of this team. :(

We've made a html version of the readme that, if nothing else, looks better than the text version. I'll make that available on the site also so I'll can add to, and change it. Sort of like a faq I guess but a bit fancier.


   Just lettin' you know stuff

The team version of CTC has been in beta for a week now. A little more work should be done, new features mainly, although nothing major. I've been spending way too much time in the real world lately, that's my excuse for lack of updates.

   Clan Mother Plukkas

Another clan has started up called Clan Mother Plukkas.


   Choke the Chicken Clan

A new clan has started called Choke the Chicken Clan, if you'd like to join or just check 'em out, do so here.


   1.4 Linux port

The x86 Linux port is now available, sorry for the delay.


   1.4 Solaris port

The Solaris port for 1.4 is now available over in the download section.


   Catch the Chicken config file maker

I must learn how to use my brain properly, I should have posted this on the weekend. A Catch the Chicken config file maker has been made. It's very usefull to setup the game setting without needing to piss around with the ini file.

You can get it from here.


   1.4 released

1.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads section. It's just a patch, so it's a small download.

Bugs fixed in 1.4
When firing while in "cam chicken" caused game to crash.
Chicken will now respawn if it falls out of the world. This could happen sometimes if you dropped it into moving things.
The chicken respawns after it explodes. No, we can't stop it from exploding it's just a part of Quake2 that we have no control over.
Cameras no longer retain the data of the player they follow, everything is reset.
Standard Logging wasn't being generated correctly.
Not really a bug, when no clients are connected the chicken doesn't respawn to stop filling up log files.
Maybe more, we can't remember...

   New screenshots

I forgot to mention that I've put a load of new screenshots up in the screenshots section. Mostly taken from the teamplay beta. They show the Egg Gun that the team mates of the chicken holder use, throwing of the chicken (although one of them shows a bug of the chicken still being held when throw). They also shows other features. It has up to 4 teams defined by color, currently only supporting Male, Female and Cyborg because that's all we have colored skins for at the moment. You can see it prevents people from using any other player models.



Sorry for the delay on 1.4, it will be released tomorrow!

   New site

Updated the whole site to look better. Hope you like it.


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