1.3 is out!
    Head over to the download section to get the upgrade or the full.

    What's new in version 1.3
    Removed pulsing light effect on chicken when dropped.
    Made chicken bounds smaller so it doesn't look like its floating over edges.
    Removed useless options from the ctc menu.
    Full video now included with download so your old copy doesn't get overwritten.
    General code cleanup. Long overdue. :)

    Hopefully fixed poor ping times on internet games.
    Players can no longer kill other players while under water.
    Fixed bug where score was not reset properly when coming out of camera view.
    Fixed up death messages where killer and killed were reversed. (doh!)
    Fixed bug where chicken didn't make peck sound after turning.
    Fixed bug where old timers didn't get cleaned up if chicken was dropped and picked back up under 1 second.
    Removed ability to throw multiple chickens when ctc menu was up.

    Linux and Solaris Ports
    Yes, both Linux and Solaris are on their way.

    Teamplay Beta Testing
    Teamplay is now under development. We not 100% on how the rules will work, it'll need play testing to be sure. We're going to need beta testers for this. So if you have regular lan parties or somehow play closed games with lots of people, we want your help. We need a lot of feedback to make sure this is as clean as possible. Testing should start in about a week or two. It all depends on RealLife™.


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