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Keygrip 2
A Quake II Movie and Demo Editor with the following features:
  • Supports all Quake 2 demos, from 3.05 to 3.17, including server recorded demos
  • Multiple demo interface allows you to have an almost unlimited number of demos open at once.
  • Highly advanced demo server works directly within Quake 2 to preview and edit the demos.
  • One of the most powerful find/replace tools found in any application
  • Easy to use and FAST camera studio, built directly into the demo server, allows you to recam demos and create spectacular movies in a matter of minutes.
  • Wide variety of camera transitions and effects make any movie look like it was done by a pro.
  • Tested and retested by a large beta team to assure the highest possible quality
  • Full windows help file describing every feature and dialog in detail
  • Easy to understand tutorial gets new users up and running fast!
  • Full sound editing, mixing, and previewing
Here (1.4M)
The following are required downloads if you are running Win95
Winsock 2 Update (963K)
Comctrl32 Update (499K)
A tool allowing users to create Unreal-style flybys in Quake II. Grab the technical demo to see what it can do.
Here (175K)
NiSplit Technical Demo (1.6M)
DEMentED 2
Free Registration
The first ever Quake II Demo/Movie editor has been released! There are way too many features to list, but you can be sure that this tool is awesome. If you can't get the program to run, you'll need this .DLL(168K, put it in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory).
Here (1.6M)
A Screensaver that can run Quake, Quake II, Half-Life, Quake III Arena and Sin demos as well as Unreal flybys and movies as screensavers. Nifty!
Here (22K)
An Mp3 decompressor for any mod using the .pak format. It Extracts mp3s, converts them to wavs and puts them back in the .pak file again.
Here (94K)
As explained on the LavaCam download page:
If Quake2 records a demo that spans more than one map, only the first map in the resulting .DM2 file can be played back. With our little utility all the demos can be split into separate files. Copy the splitdem.exe into the directory with the .DM2 file that requires splitting, then in a DOS window type 'splitdem <filename>', where <filename> is the filename of the demo file. The output files are <mapname>.dm2, if a file already exists a number is added to the end of the filename, so all demos will be retrieved. 
Here (25K)
A timer for Quake II that gives you your speed running time through each level, like in Quake. A must download for all Quake II speed runners.
Here (192K)
Film At 11 Source Code
v0.96 beta
The v2.0 source has preliminary QWD support. Its not anywhere near actually functional, and is meant for developers ONLY. Both versions require Borland Delphi 3.0. Version 0.96 includes the source for FILMAT11.DLL, which requires Microsoft Visual C++ v4 or later.
v0.96 Beta Source (86K)
v2.0 Source (25K)
Film At 11
Quake Movie/Demo Editor. Has the following features: 
  • Load/save Quake .DEM files 
  • Split demos up into smaller chunks 
  • Splice smaller chunks back together again 
  • Split multi-level demos into multiple files so they'll play back properly 
  • Delete messages or groups of blocks 
  • Inspect all blocks and messages 
  • Text search for keywords in messages 
  • Demo compression 
  • Modify time stamps on blocks 
  • Edit messages 
  • Insert new messages 
  • Cut/paste blocks and messages 
  • "fixes" 1.07 demos so they will play back on 1.06 clients 
  • *3D Preview 
  • *Seperate windows for sounds, models and entities 
  • *You can insert sounds/models to any demo
Here (246K)
Quake Movie/Demo Editor. Click here for manual (requires Adobe Acrobat). Here are the system Requirements: 
  •  Pentium 100 or Faster 
  •  24MB RAM (32mb or more recommended) 
  •  50-100MB Scratch disk space (5MB or so for install) 
  •  Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 
  •  WinQuake 1.0 
  •  16-bit color in Windows
Here's a brief description of what's new in v1.06:
    The new version includes many enhancements, most notably a built in demo server. This server allows you to preview the demo in real time with VCR like controls. You can even control the playback from WITHIN quake.. see a good frag? rewind, watch it again, in frame-by-frame..More importantly, this gives serious demo editors a very simple and accurate way to make cuts. The demo server also includes the ability to allow freedom of view and freedom of movement. This means that you can FLY AROUND inside the demo while it is playing! Must see to believe!
Here (969K)
Allows people to go back in demos and refilm them without all the lag as if they filmed it over the net. No more choppy movement and bad camera work! View the Documentation for Remaic. Requires Perland LMPC.
Go Here for various download options
ReMaic Studio
Like above except but faster and easier to use than the regular ReMaic, also has a GUI.
Go Here for various download options
AutoCam automatically creates ReMaic screenplays for demos recorded for a certain level based on a data file for that level. If you want to add a camera to your demos but you don't have the time or patience to make a ReMaic screenplay, try AutoCam. Requires Remaic and Perl (5.9M).
Here (17K)
A front-end for tying together some of the various utilities that QdQ and other ReMaicers use to refilm and process their demos and movies. 
Here (45K)
QdQ Stats
From the text:
QdQ runs are made by glueing together recordings of individual demos. Because we want these to form a continuous run through the game, we must start new levels with the correct statistics relative to those with which we finished the previous level. By default, Quake resets statistics to their defaults whenever you use the map and record commands. Our patch lets you change what these defaults are so you can start with the correct stats for a later level. 
Go Here for a list of download sites for various QdQStats versions
This mod provides the user with information about how fast they are going. It includes a graphical bar display. It is intended for use when practising techniques to increase one's velocity by zigzagging or bunny-hopping, or wall-hugging. 
Here (126K)
Meant to be a DemTool like tool for Quake II with the following features:
  • Compressing demos by applying simple or optimal delta compression (-delta or -bestdelta, respectively)
  • More compression by removing entities in the player's back (-fov) 
  • Playing multiple demos in a row (-chain)
  • Get rid of the grenadecounter output (-grenadecounter) 
  • Stop entities from moving in q2timer's intermissions (-intermission) 
  • Output a report of your demos' most important statistics (-report)
Here (44K)
From the text:
This is a little feature-packed utility by Stefan Schwoon that handles most of the processing and tidying jobs we need to do to our demos in the course of a movieproduction (apart from the refilming, which is handled by ReMaic.) Many of the functions are QdQ-specific, but here are some of the things it will do that should have a wider utility:
  • Compress a demo by removing entities that are behind the view (-v) or during the finale (-e), or by lowering the framerate (-f). 
  • Extract a timed part of a demo (-:). 
  • Print a running timer on a demo (-t). 
  • Output a brief report concerning a demo (-s). 
  • Fix the bug that stops some demos recorded on START and HIP1M3 from playing back (-n). 
  • Produce *.ls LMPC-text-listings from Quake demos significantly faster than LMPC does (-w). 
  • Make toast (-well_OK_everything_but). 
Here (38K)
From the Demix Page:
Demix is a program used to edit Quake demos (.dem files). It enables you to do some sorts of entity manipulation, especially transferring entities from one demo into another. (Demix is a compound from "demo" and "mixing", you see.) This opens the door to a wide range of possibilities - you can extend the lifetime of entities, produce fake multiplayer demos (i.e. add new actors to existing demos) and other things.
Here (59K)
A patch for Quake that helps you film movies and demos, it's main emphasis is on camera work. Here (789K)
Source Code (234K)
An easy to use Quake Engine Games demo player.
Here (1.3M)
Little Movie Processing Center
A tool capable of editing demo's of many different games, most importantly Quake and Quake II
Click Here for a full list of various versions for different platforms
Quake 2 Demo Opener
An easy to use utility capable of playing Quake 2 demos.
Here (130K)
Quake II Cinematic Making Tutorial
Here's a rather large, but detailed tutorial on how to make your own Quake II Cinematics
Here (130K)
Quake 2 Movie Player
A frontend forlaying Quake 2 demos and movies.
Here (1.4M)
DemoDLL allows viewing of Quake2 demos in-game, as well as multiplayer viewing, unrestricted camera movement, and chase-cam support
Win32 DLL (174K)
Source (267K)
A demo player with a cool GUI for easy use.
Here (1.7M)
CarnageCam for Unreal
This is a great util to help you film in-game Unreal cutscenes
Here (81K)