March 01, 2003 - New Expert .8 Released!

Howdy! Where have I been? Sadly, school has taken up most of my free time not giving me nearly enough for mapping and a little for gaming which in turn left COD update-less for nearly a year, wow!

Now to the news, Incinerator is a dood who codes, he worked with Dirodna who's famous for creating Alliance's Bots and starting Q3 Battle Bots. incinerator did a lot of UI work, and neat little coding things here and there for the interface. Well he wanted a multiplayer only version, something more like the original expert and expert quake2. So he essentially came out with a botless version of Q3 Battle Bots (NewExpert and Q3BB are sister mods btw).

So calling all quake players, all interested in the fastest combat avaliable for quake, period. Try out NewExpert by Incinerator and hit Do yourself a favor and try this! I left impressed for a first release (especially with the smart bouncing rockets ;)

Get over there and try it!


April 09, 2002 - Q3 Battle Bot Official Channel

Come join us in IRC. Servername: channel: #q3battlebots is where it's at. Come and drop by to say 'hi!', offer suggestions to the mod developers, laugh and cry with us. Whatever floats your boat just come by and chat with us :)


April 05, 2002 - Battle .6 Beta Released!

A lot has happened in the last few days, first of all version 0.6 of our Battle MOD has been released, go grab it at the Battle Bot Development site's download page. At the download page there are 2 files, the 1st one is the MOD itself, the 2nd one is the brand new skinpack. Only the MOD file is required, read more at the download page.

    Changes and fixes for 0.6:
  • Added damge regen (g_damageRegen)- this is known as vampirism
  • Added team color skin pak
  • Added hand grenades
  • Removed armor regen for battle mode (g_armorRegen)- off by default
  • Removed some of the test weapon gfx stuff
  • No strafe jumping in Battle mode (Should not be able to move faster then hook)
  • Health regen rate - q2 had 10 * (1 - health/maxhealth) every 2 sec
  • Grenade launcher - control explode

The Dev Team also has a brand new website, hope you like it. The website was done by our new dev team member Jaboby. Jaboby has been working on the Alliance and the Demonic MOD's before the dev team, he will be doing design and graphics for the dev site and the MOD from now on.


March 23, 2002 - COD Official Mod: Battle Bots v.5 Beta Released

After COD member Diordna told me that he was working on a mod I knew it had to be good, because Diordna, outside of COD, created on the wondrous 'grapple bots' for the Alliance Q3 mod. He mentioned how his mod [Battle Bots] would very much resemble the Expert Quake Mod and thus I became very enthusiastic at it's potential.

For those of you who haven't experienced Expert Quake, you've been missing out on one of the most fast paced, pure skill modifications that have ever graced the quake world. The Expert Mod has made it's roots in Quake 1 and 2, and now is being brought to you by the COD Team as we all are very excited about this beta release.

The installer is a mere 1.4 MB download and to avoid fileplanet this time, I'll directly link the installer file to Battle Bots development site, so Click Here. And email Diordna any suggestions/comments/complains you may have. Diordna is really looking forward to feedback on this beta.

Dont forget to check out the Development website still under construction over at for more specifics on the mod and how to run it. Also be sure to check out the forum at and if you'd rather avoid email, post any message on there. Be sure to check out COD for the latest news and features, screenshots or whatever comes out way, we'll be sure to have it first.


July 14, 2001 - COD Q2 Maps 5 and 6 go for a DOUBLE-RELEASE!!

I'm excited tonight! First I had an idea of an awesome totally unique ctf map - with style that works best in Q3, im not sure if i'll make a q2 version at all. Then Dello contacted me saying he's done with codctf5. So im like 'cool man' then he tells me to check the COD forum and to my surprise Corey posted from the big Frag Fest LAN that he released his Marioish map that he's been quiet about. He only mentioned it to me once >:)

So they make their way to the download page. Grab em both cause im sure they'll be in Expert Q2 servers in no time!
Note: COD members old maps are up there on the downloads page too.


July 6, 2001 - Updates Galore

Yo yo yo!! I spend about 4-5 hours this morning working on the html for COD. I also wrote two tutorials for mappers out there. Go check em out!. One is a batch file tutorial and the other is a Phong Shading (curve) tutorial. So if you get bored or wanna learn more about mapping, you might learn something new!

Also the Download page has been updated, with Arghrad and the no-so-working old maps section. So that should be working soon when I gather all the maps on the "Other Maps" list. So that's it for now!


July 4, 2001 - Happy Independence Day!!

Hey everybody! (who lives in the United States!) Time to light off some fireworks and enjoy family BBQ's! No family this year? Do not fear for that's why we have beer! I hope you all have a great (and safe) 4th of July.


July 4, 2001 - Dello gets props!

COD member, Dello's Deathmatch map, Street Brawl, was honored over at Sven's It took second place in a huge, community-wide deathmatch mapping contest with some pretty strict rules as to brush limitations, etc. An excerpt from the review:

"The look of this map makes it stand out on its own, with a decidedly urban theme. I particularly liked the billboards thrown in, details like that are nice to see. It's amazing to think this map actually falls about 150 brushes shy of the 600 brush limit, utilizing only 450, yet there's a whole subway station built just for looks. Street brawls must be held after-hours, otherwise the subway would be open, I guess. Custom textures were also used very cleverly to suggest physical detail where there was none."

...see the whole story here.


May 28, 2001 - 'The' by Coreyfeldman is released!!

Officially today Corey Feldman's map by the title 'The' is out for grabs! I'll skip all the bable and get to the good stuff, first if you dont have the map or the sky, grab the whole package here.

Corey decided to think ahead and for anyone who wants ONLY the sky cause the take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to download in the servers, grab that handy dandy zip here. Download and enjoy!

Also, the levels page has been updated, if you want to look at screenies of the levels before you download, drop by and take a peek.


May 05, 2001 - Cinco de Mayo!

Welp, it's the 5th of may. And here's the news. First let's start off with Shebitch, who is planning on releasing (count it) "3" Expert Quake3 Maps in the next couple of weeks, although it's his first time working on an Expert Map, he does have experience by having the Alliance doods slip in his map in one of their patches. :)

Now Sedric is beta testing his map like mad. Always tweaking, having people look at it and then tweaking it, then he bugs me to look at it. Then I tell him what I think needs work, then he works on it. Well all that is almost over as he is about finished with this map, mostly out of frustration from looking at some lines hours on end (map editor:). But it's looking very promising! If you want to download his beta, then go to his own little webpage here.

Corey's map is coming! Beware! A very simplistic design but it's totally action packed! It's a Quake2 map so no Quake3 maps from him, yet. He decided to christen his map "The". Who know's where this name came from, maybe he was smoking something but hey, it's original and thats all that matters. :)


April 18, 2001 - URL Redirect

Do to a recent email from the great peeps at gamespy, they asked me to host my files at Fileplanet rather than waste bandwith off PQ. So my map "dead heat" has been redirected to this link here for the self-extracting zip. Or click here for the regular ol' fashon zip, so hop in those Expert CTF Q2 Servers and have a blast! :)


April 15, 2001 - Fun FuN FUN!

As COD obviously means "Combat Oriented Designs" this mapping crew can develop new levels for anything which has, you guessed it "Combat". So while im talking about how COD is very flexible even though right now we are focused on the Expert CTF community for Q2/Q3A, I'd like say that COD IS looking out for talented and people filled with potential to join our team. So if you think you can positively contribute to our team, email me

Alrighty then, so lets welcome Sedric to COD, who maps for Quake3 CTF and is looking at Dues Ex for some single player mapping fun. Sedric has been mapping for q3a mostly but is looking to map for other games now. He also wants to dabble a little more in single player maps.

And last but not least, (I know a bunch of people are waiting for this) you can grab my map Dead Heat here! So download it! It's definately an offense map because I love offense, your always gonna have to check your 6 because your almost always exposed, but its fun FuN FUN! So just grab the map and hop in a server running it near you!! (F.Y.I. This map has NO weapons and is designed specificly for the Expert Q2 mod)


April 04, 2001 - Ouchie! Monthie Updatie!

Errg! Sorry guys, i've been neglecting my COD duties of updating so badly lately, things have been hectic with people bugging me to get my map out and personal things going on in my life for a little while now. So once again, my apology.

Soooo... Here we go! My map and dello's map are on the verge of release, beta testing is going on in private games on private servers, if your intrested in being one of the people to beta test, email me or post on our forum. So there's your chance to get your hand on some early COD maps! Note: both of these are Quake 2 releases.

Some news about Corey. He's been slacking off for quite some time with his map (says school sucks up too much time, yeah right!:P) So now he's working on a new map which is at the moment, he'd say "90% layout complete" so he's just working on lights and textures (I stole the quote from the forum, tee hee). So he has quite some work needed there, but with all his spare time im sure he'll have it out in no time, right Corey? (Kerbuffel get on Corey's back again!)

rant .. My grades are up, which is good, but it's cutting into my mapping time! (DOH!:) So I get next week off which is my spring vacation (hehe YEAH!!) can you say no learning!? I sure can! And best of all, I get to SLEEP, not just getting up at 6:30, maybe i'll get up at 12 noon or 3 in the afternoon while watching the hilariously awesome Conan O'brien do his show on NBC, which Im always too tired to watch during regular school nights. So hey! I should definately have another update going up next week or this weekend with all my free time, I'll also be beating Final Fantasy 9 which I've been earning to get around to. Jeez, I must have a boring life! lol! /rant

Alright you doods take care. Peace.


March 12, 2001 - Whoo time flew by!

Wow, it's been TOO long since i've updated this site, I almost forgot about it since I bookmarked the COD Fourm instead of the site (doh, but its fixed now). Sorry with the new design I planned on updating the site MORE often and stuff to keep some people intrested in what were doing.

Now for the real news. Corey is too busy with school to work on finishing his near-complete map, maybe Kerbuffel can bother him enough to make him finish it. Dello is working on his map which is very darn cool and near complete, but it needs a name. Maybe after we beta the sucker we'll find some name for it. My map is also on it's way and screenies are found here. So check em out, i changed some things like a lot compared to those screenies, but just lighting.

Shebitch is working on a very neat idea for q3 expert, hope ya'll enjoy it when it comes out, I know I will.


February 25, 2001 - New COD Member!

Why hey there! Yes I know a new COD member is exciting! Were always looking for the best and it looks like we've run across someone VERY devoted to the Expert/Combat mod in general. Welcome Shebitch to the Combat Oriented Designs Development Team! Shebitch is a HE and he's in his 30's. So don't try to turn on your groove with - HIM! :)

Also to note, Dello should have a beta of his map out very soon, as well as I. Corey is busy sucking knowledge out of school, hopefully he'll find the time to fix up his map. Well that's my near weekly update, i'll update again soon.


February 17, 2001 - New Website!

Hey! This is Erukian here and this is the "All New Hi-Tech Webpage" for Combat Oriented Designs. Lets all give a big hand to Space Design for this new pimp design and if you forget the url there's a link on the bottom bar below this text.

I want to start this webpage by saying that there are a few maps coming out soon from COD. One from corey, priior, me, and dello so Codctf #3,4,5,6 are soon to hit the servers! Most of new sections are empty. But if a page from the old COD site pops up from your stored internet files, bother to hit refresh to see the new page. Thanks!

Created by Space Design.  Copyright 2001 C.O.D.