- - C.O.D. Team (listed alphabetically) - -
  • Corey Feldman- Loves to map (when his g/f isn't around). Has made cfctf1 before joining up with COD and in COD he has released the very creative map CODCTF6.

  • Dello- A Mad Happy Q2 Mapper. He created delctf1, delctf2, and delctf3 before joining COD and under COD he has released only ctf maps which are: CODCTF1, CODCTF2, CODCTF4, and CODCTF5

  • Diordna- Formerly known as Shebitch before he switched his name to Diordna (Android backwards). Diordna did a major contribution to Alliance ctf by enhancing bot code up until Allaince's final release. Diordna is COD's first coder and is working on COD's first official mod called Q3 Battle Bots.

  • Goner- Makes maps in his spare time (like he has any ;). He created Octoball and SlimyCTF with Dello before joining COD. He is currently working on a remake of q2ctf1 for the expert mod to spice it up a bit and fix some problems.

  • Erukian- Webmaster, and founder of COD. He's released his first and last Q2 ctf map, CODCTF3, and will be mapping in Quake 3 Arena after its released.

    Honorable Mentions

  • Myrkul- Created the Expert and Combat mod! Very nice guy who likes to look at our maps and a good helper in map design for his mod.

  • Publius- He's becoming more scarse online these days, but he'll come out of it, I hope. He's practically the co-founder of COD so he deserves to be up here, and we all hope will one day he will map with us when he finds the time. Publius made Trimp(Q1), ExpertCTF2(Q1), Cacophony(Q2), and White Noise(Q3A).

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