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    1. Mod making 101
    2. Up 'n running
    3. Hello, QWorld!
    4. Infinite Haste
    5. Armor Piercing Rails
    6. Bouncing Rockets
    7. Cloaking
    8. Ladders
    9. Favourite Server
    10. Flame Thrower
    11. Vortex Grenades
    12. Grapple
    13. Lightning Discharge
    14. Locational Damage
    15. Leg Shots
    16. Weapon Switching
    17. Scoreboard frag-rate
    18. Vortex Grenades II
    19. Vulnerable Missiles
    20. Creating Classes
    21. Scrolling Credits
    22. Weapon Dropping
    23. Anti-Gravity Boots
    24. HUD scoreboard
    25. Flashlight and laser
    26. Weapon Positioning
    27. Weapon Reloading
    28. Progressive Zooming
    29. Rotating Doors
    30. Beheading (headshot!)
    31. Alt Weapon Fire
    32. Popup Menus I
    33. Popup Menus II
    34. Cluster Grenades
    35. Homing Rockets
    36. Spreadfire Powerup
    37. Instagib gameplay
    38. Accelerating rockets
    39. Server only Instagib
    40. Advanced Grapple Hook
    41. Unlagging your mod

    < Index >
    1. Entities
    2. Vectors
    3. Good Coding
    4. Compilers I
    5. Compilers II
    6. UI Menu Primer I
    7. UI Menu Primer II
    8. UI Menu Primer III
    9. QVM Communication, Cvars, commands
    10. Metrowerks CodeWarrior
    11. 1.27g code, bugs, batch


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    ICEmosis Design

    Welcome to Code3Arena!

    We are your hosts, SumFuka, Calrathan, HypoThermia and WarZone. Welcome to Code3Arena. We aim to build the best q3a coding resource site in existence. Please feel welcome to help out... if you can write a tutorial or article yourself - send it in!

    If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email us (we're busy, but we'll do our best to answer). Or even better - why not visit the planetquake forums? We have a great quake community here, so take advantage of it!

    Mythica: Gladiator's Arena
    12-Feb-02 HypoThermia

    For someone interested in getting there "foot in the door", this might just be the ticket:

    I need your assistance in recruiting a programmer. I need someone is willing and able to take on a 12 week project which is planned out and needs to be followed. The position is not paid, but if the code works out well, future paid positions will be available.

    Coder needs to have a full understanding of the q3 engine and game code.

    Looking for someone who can show playable results after each milestone. Milestones are already set for programming. The art will be complete or 90% complete when the coder begins project so no time will be wasted waiting for other developers to get their work done.

    Anyone who wants to know more should contact Atussa 'SuperGirl' Kamalpour (Game Designer & Project Lead, Artemis Software) for more information.

    Linux compilation from Timbo
    12-Feb-02 HypoThermia

    For those of you seeking help with compiling the Q3 source under Linux. Timbo has put together the things you need to get the job done, in between moderating the forums at Quake3World.

    Grab the tarball from Timbo's site.

    Q3 1.31 binaries and an Xmas present from JC
    22-Dec-01 HypoThermia

    Just in case you've missed the news, release 1.31 of the Quake 3 binaries has just happened. Some fixes and a new network protocol version, you can grab it from FilePlanet (26.1Mb). Linux download here. No sign of an updated source code release to go with it.

    And on to JC's Xmas present. Anyone remember the last Quake outing? Sure you do! Well you can now grab the source code and have a look through what makes the executable tick. Anyone still working on a Q2 mod will want this (and I know you're still out there!). Download the Q2 source code from FilePlanet, this one requires a GameSpy Id as well.

    Batch files for compiling 1.29h code with MSVC
    14-Dec-01 HypoThermia

    The batch files for compiling Q3 1.29h source code with MSVC have now been sent in to us by e.n.g.e.l. You can grab them from FilePlanet here.

    Z-Camera source code available
    3-Dec-01 HypoThermia

    Want to give your spectators something worth watching? Fed up of the limitations of cg_thirdperson for showing all the action?

    For those of you who've yet to find it, Zung! has made the source code to his camera mod available for all to use. Drop in on the Z-Camera homepage for a sweet addition to your mod.

    UI Enhanced source code available
    28-Nov-01 HypoThermia

    Ok, time for a shameless plug. I've just released the source code for version 1.0 of my own Q3 project: UI Enhanced. Drop in for the scoop on that and the next upcoming release.

    Tutorial#41: Unlagging your mod
    22-Nov-01 HypoThermia

    It's been a while since we've had a new tutorial here at C3A, but I think you'll agree this is something rather special. Neil "haste" Toronto has written a tutorial from code in his Unlagged mod - giving LPB and HPB players a level playingfield for hitscan weapons!

    The meat of the tute covers the difficulties introduced by timedelays between the client and server - the bane of HPB's everywhere. It's well written and very accessible: you'll have a clearer understanding of code and issues that usually leave big headaches.

    Enjoy Unlagging your mod!

    Ninja Hanbatsu needs a coder
    22-Nov-01 HypoThermia

    Doob needs a dedicated coder to work on their mod. No web page at the moment, but the mod looks like it'll include ninja skills such as stealth and backstabbing. Get in touch if you're interested.

    Tactical Assault Team needs coders...
    6-Nov-01 HypoThermia

    The Tactical Assault Team are looking at creating a prototype of their mod for Quake 3. They could use the help of a coder who can donate some time to the project.

    Originally written for the Tribes 2 engine, this team based strategy is looking for some Q3 action!

    Both Crush Depth Platinum and Project 2501 *are* Q3 projects (despite what I wrote below). They both have history as Q2 mods... and the web pages show that. As always, moving a Q2 mod up to Q3 is more than just porting over the code...

    More mods needing coders
    3-Nov-01 HypoThermia

    Two mods needing some coding help:

    • The rather mysterious sounding Project 2501 group need a lead coder to help complete their work - their current incumbent being afflicted with real life and unable to give the time needed. Contact GrimReaper after you've checked out the plan on the news page!

    • 4th Dimension need a coder to help with their Crush Depth Platinum project. E-mail to Khalaan.

      Note: this is Quake2 coding... while there are some similarities with Q3 code, you should have Q2 coding experience if you're going to apply.

    Should be something there for everyone!

    Tigers and Dragons needs coders
    17-Oct-01 HypoThermia

    Fancy working on a mod with an appealing a title as Tigers and Dragons?

    They need some coders, so drop in on their website and check 'em out!

    Military Forces mod releases an alpha build
    7-Aug-01 HypoThermia

    Those of you that want to see an example of some of the more extreme mods that people are working on using the Q3 engine should go and check out the Military Forces alpha.

    Fly planes and drive vehicles. Does it need any more plugging than that?

    1.29h Source now available
    2-Aug-01 HypoThermia

    Source code for 1.29h has just been released to the ID ftp site. No major changes are expected before the 1.30 release is made available. Here's the direct link:

    In unrelated news there's also an exploit for 1.29f,g that allows anyone to crash a public server. There are now three versions of 1.29 out there, so make sure you're connecting to a server running the same version!

    The latest 1.29h beta has been released to fix this, so grab it from FilePlanet.

    SonicArena needs coders
    26-Jul-01 HypoThermia

    SonicArena is in need of some coders to help get their project off the ground. If you've got some spare time you want to dedicate to a Q3 project then drop them a line and let 'em know you're interested!

    ModSource code for PureCTF 3.0
    19-May-01 HypoThermia

    Fancy a return to the old Quake 2 style of CTF play? We've got the source code to PureCTF 3.0 for you to download and learn from, courtesy of Kilderean.

    Some of the things that you'll find in the code:

    • A fully featured grapple, with new models
    • Bot enabled grapple usage
    • 4 types of power runes
    • Server game options displayed on level load
    • BFG mortar weapon
    • Rocket Arena overtime
    • Forced team models

    Just to get things started, there's an Advanced Grapple Hook tutorial as well, just for all you grapple monkeys out there!

    Drop in on Kilderean's homepage for Pure CTF and grab the latest release for all the media and new maps. Did I say new maps? There are two old favourites in there too (Stronghold Opposition and McKinley's Vengeance)!

    Crouching Tiger mod looking for coders
    19-May-01 HypoThermia

    How many of you really enjoyed Japan DM and CTF maps for their architecture?

    Well now theres a chance to work on a project with a strong Feudal Japan flavour. Drop in on Crouching Tiger, take a look around, and volunteer yourself as a Samurai coder!

    Q3F releases source code...
    7-May-01 HypoThermia

    ...but only for their atmospheric weather effects. What am I saying "only" for? This is a nice bundle for all you mod coders out there that want those cool effects in your work. Don't forget that link back to Q3F and a "thank you" in your mod.

    They've also got some neat font creation tools and a plugin for GtkRadiant on their devtools page.

    Thanks go to Inolen for the heads up.

    Instagib Mod Team needs a coder too!
    1-May-01 HypoThermia

    Mods seem to be on the lookout for coders at the moment! Judging from their web page there's some bot work to be done, as well as this:

    The Instagib Mod Team would like a some-what experienced coder to help code a 2vs2 version of InstaGib.

    Contact Stacheldraht, or visit their website at  

    Defcon5 needs a coder
    27-Apr-01 HypoThermia

    This in from Smol of the Defcon5 team, here at the big fuzzy:

    We're looking for a coder that knows quake3's coding basics, who would help with special moves implementation, weap's characteristics implementations and special effects coding.

    If you think you fit the bill then visit their site and and let 'em know you came from C3A.

    Site updates
    24-Apr-01 HypoThermia

    A few site updates that I've been collecting recently, I hope you'll find them useful.

    Microsoft Word versions of all of the tutorials here on C3A. These are much more printer friendly than the HTML served up to your browser. Click here to grab them, or from the downloads page. Thanks go to Richard Elswick, currently working on the S.O.U.R. mod.

    More information about how to compile the 1.27 source using MSVC, avoiding complications caused by the MISSIONPACK define here. Thanks go to Stefan for this.

    Some information from Demon Cat about (not) using the source on an NT box NTFS partition here.

    I've added some comments about the changes in the 1.27 source code to my Alt Weapon Fire tutorial.

    In the pipeline: Kilderean has made the source code for PureCTF available to Code3Arena ModSource, I'm hoping to release that next. I've been rather busy recently, so I haven't been able to put up some of this material... sorry for the delays.

    Two tutorial updates for 1.27g
    19-Mar-01 HypoThermia

    Two small updates to the Lightning Discharge and Weapon Positioning tutorials so that they now compile under 1.27g. In each case a function was used that now takes extra arguments in the new source code.

    Thanks go to Thes33k for taking the time and trouble to tell me.

    Tutorial#39: Server side Instagib
    3-Mar-01 HypoThermia

    Instagib seems to be the flavour of the month!

    Steven Conway has written a tutorial that makes the entire Instagib game server only, building on the original tute by CyberKewl. It just goes to show there's more than one way to tackle the same challenge.

    Perhaps the strongest feature is the fixed AI, so bots can navigate on the map without items. Although this isn't a particularly easy part of the code to look into, the actual changes aren't difficult once they're pointed out. As an added bonus, Steven has also enabled RailCTF play for that extra bit of fun!

    Don't forget to check out Steven's mod NIQ3, also hosted here at the big fuzzy.

    Tutorial#38: Accelerating rockets
    27-Feb-01 HypoThermia

    Doug Hammond has sent in a great tutorial on how to make rockets accelerate. This is a working example of how to build your own custom movement types, extending the range provided by Id.

    There's a lot of useful discussion about things you can and can't do, as well as an example of a "first attempt" that didn't work as expected. Perhaps the biggest difficulty is in making something like this work with the prediction code in the client, and this tutorial should help you sort out any problems you might have had in the past.

    Tutorials and 1.27 source
    26-Feb-01 HypoThermia

    Almost all of the tutorials were written before the release of 1.27 source code. It's possible that some of them have become "broken" (though I haven't heard anything yet!)

    Quite often you'll find that there are a few lines that aren't quite the same. So long as they're in the part of the code fragment thats there to help you *orient* yourself, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you do notice something that needs attention then please drop me a line, as well as the author of the tutorial. Thanks!

    On another note: I've got 3 tutorials in my in-tray that are nearing completion and will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

    Tutorial 37: Instagib gameplay
    3-Feb-01 HypoThermia

    Malcolm Lim has written a tutorial that gives Instagib gameplay for every map. Just you, the railgun, and unlimited ammo - so practice that railing. All items are left on the map (but in an invisible state) so bots will still roam as mobile targets.

    You might want to mix this with the headshot tutorial to add to the fun. Enjoy!

    Site updates
    3-Feb-01 HypoThermia

    Info on the 1.27g source code has been updated. A recent plan update by Robert Duffy indicates that another patch and source code release is on the way.

    PQ Interview
    26-Jan-01 HypoThermia

    PQ's own Ash recently asked me for an interview about the goings on a C3A, and you can read the result here. If you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes when a tutorial is reviewed, the NDA experience, or in some of my opinions on the next Id title, then take a look.

    ModSource: SmashV2 mod added, and spreadfire tutorial
    25-Jan-01 HypoThermia

    Hal9000 has donated the source code for his fun mod SmashV2 to Code3Arena! It's a great mod that combines coding with 15 new maps for lots of playability. It just goes to show that when you go about designing your own mod, there's so much more involved that writing code. Download and enjoy!

    There's also a new tutorial taken from SmashV2 that shows you how to add the spread-fire powerup. Any bolt weapon (plasma, grenade, rocket, bfg) can be affected.

    Updated article#11: Important bug fix fixed
    6-Jan-01 HypoThermia

    I've replaced the original disabled item fix with a new fix that now works properly. It was possible for non-spawning entities on a map - like the double doors on q3ctf1 - to be on a team but not have a spawned entity. My previous fix broke this, my new fix fixes this!

    Thanks go to Ark for recognizing the problem. Not being a map maker I didn't realise that entities could behave in that way... I've learned something new!

    There's also some info about using trap_FS_GetFileList(), and it truncating filenames.

    Article#11: 1.27g code, bugs, and batch files
    3-Jan-01 HypoThermia

    I've just added a new article about some of the coding issues in the 1.27g release. It documents the problems that I know of, and fixes that mod authors can apply. When you get new source code, sometimes you just want to know if you've caused the problem, or if it was there for you already!

    Hopefully this will become a "one stop" resource for problems found in the source code. I'll need your help to do that, so drop me a line if you find anything useful.

    Also included are batch files from Simon Hopwood that do actually compile the source code to VM using MSVC. As an added bonus they can also do the Team Arena VM. The missing command line tools in the 1.27g release are also provided.

    Only concentrating on bugs and problems might be taken by some as negative.

    I'm trying to give a coders eye view of the new release, and necessarily this misses out the big picture. There's a lot of new things in the 1.27g release that I welcome: identical movement physics for all players, better bot play, internal PK3 limits lifted, and so on.

    Not to mention a new mission pack to play around with.

    Progress isn't always easy. But when you're nit-picking on the small things, the big important ones are, by definition, getting implicit approval.

    Old news

    Legal Mumbo Jumbo : All trademarks remain the property of their owners. All code modifications to quake3 must ONLY be distributed electronically for free and remain the property of id software... go read the license agreement if unsure. All material on this site © by the authors. All material is provided 'as is' and neither planetquake, code3arena nor the authors can be held liable for loss or damage suffered by use of the material. Please be nice to small very animals.