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AssKicka has departed...

AssKicka joined Code3Arena just as it was starting up, swelling the number of people contributing to the site and making it take-off. He wrote four great tutorials for us from his SolidGround mod: Bouncing Rockets, Cloaking, Flame Thrower, and Vortex Grenades. They've helped many a coder get up and running.

For the past eight months he's been busy helping coders with problems, and passing on his understanding of the intricacies in the source code. AssKicka has been keeping the site going as people have come to us for help, ideas, and sometimes even inspiration.

But all things come to an end. AssKicka has started up his own business in South Africa, and needs to give all his time to make that project the success it deserves.

We at Code3Arena thank AssKicka for his time, effort, and outstanding contribution to the site, and wish him every success for the future.




AssKicka won't be able to answer any more questions about Quake 3 coding. If you've got a problem with any of his tutorials then please try someone from the Code3Arena team first. If you absolutely *have* to e-mail him directly, then try this: