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    < Index >
    1. Mod making 101
    2. Up 'n running
    3. Hello, QWorld!
    4. Infinite Haste
    5. Armor Piercing Rails
    6. Bouncing Rockets
    7. Cloaking
    8. Ladders
    9. Favourite Server
    10. Flame Thrower
    11. Vortex Grenades
    12. Grapple
    13. Lightning Discharge
    14. Locational Damage
    15. Leg Shots
    16. Weapon Switching
    17. Scoreboard frag-rate
    18. Vortex Grenades II
    19. Vulnerable Missiles
    20. Creating Classes
    21. Scrolling Credits
    22. Weapon Dropping
    23. Anti-Gravity Boots
    24. HUD scoreboard
    25. Flashlight and laser
    26. Weapon Positioning
    27. Weapon Reloading
    28. Progressive Zooming
    29. Rotating Doors
    30. Beheading (headshot!)
    31. Alt Weapon Fire
    32. Popup Menus I
    33. Popup Menus II
    34. Cluster Grenades
    35. Homing Rockets
    36. Spreadfire Powerup
    37. Instagib gameplay
    38. Accelerating rockets
    39. Server only Instagib
    40. Advanced Grapple Hook
    41. Unlagging your mod

    < Index >
    1. Entities
    2. Vectors
    3. Good Coding
    4. Compilers I
    5. Compilers II
    6. UI Menu Primer I
    7. UI Menu Primer II
    8. UI Menu Primer III
    9. QVM Communication, Cvars, commands
    10. Metrowerks CodeWarrior
    11. 1.27g code, bugs, batch


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    So you can Code, Punk ?

    Great ! The Quake community has been built on contributions from thousands of people, your contribution will certainly be much appreciated.

    1. Submission Guidelines

    We accept submissions in any of our sections (tutorials, articles etc). To start with we recommend that you do a tutorial or two. Try to keep your tutorial simple yet informative. Break your work into logical sections and explain what you're doing at each point.

    Please make sure that your work is original, accurate, readable, and CORRECT. Why not send the tutorial / article / whatever to a few friends to try themselves ? Often they might pick up some errors that you've missed.

    2. Style

    Very importantly, PLEASE follow the style of this website EXACTLY. We provide stubs for you (don't worry) - it's just a matter of pasting your material into them. Submissions that don't follow our style can't be accepted...

    Download the stubs

    3. Grammar and clarity

    We won't reject a tutorial for bad grammar (we're less than perfect ourselves): we're more interested in the content and explanation of the neat things you've been doing to the Q3 code.

    For those of you that do want to "write better" (perhaps English is your second language, or grammar class in school were dull), well we've found an accessible article that might just be of help. We won't beat you over the head with it, but you might just learn something.

    Thanks go to Allen Eccles and Frank Rogan for "GameSpy's Guide to Good Grammar".

    4. Code Formatting

    Formatting code inside an html can be especially hard. We enclose all our code segments within a pre tag. This means that line breaks in the code are presented ok, but it also means that extra extra long lines will exlpode the browser window horizontally. Remember that some poor people only have 800x600...

    So, we ask you to BREAK or REDUCE any lines that explode the page over 800 pixels (about 80 characters is fine). If you break a line, be sure that it still compiles (for example, if you break a comment halfway thru remember to put // on the next line too). We often break lines between the code and the comment (align the comment with tabs on the next line so that it looks ok.) A good way to REDUCE a line is to trim away tabs between the code and the comments.

    Also, we use a red color to highlight new or modified code. Please avoid using green colors for code that is removed (Yecht!). The reason for this is that we like our code-segments to be cut-n-pastable into the compiler (think of newbies here).

    5. Submit !

    Ok, send it in to one of us (have a look in the news to see who has been most active recently, some of us go into hibernation occassionally). We reserve the right to modify the content and/or style of your material (and ultimately the right to post it or not so be nice to us :P )