Well, a little late, but your votes have now been counted, tweaked and ignored where appropriate to give the definitive list of the best of 2001.


Well there were only a handful of nominations for this category, and to be honest, there haven't been a great deal of new DM mods in 2001.

The nominations are:

  • BestVoid - a hugely customizable weapons mod, with bots.
  • Frikbot X - the plugin bot of champions.
  • Tanx - my very own 3d Scorched Earth ripoff.

And the winner is... FBX, the best, and indeed only QC plugin bot, easily adapted to your mod's needs, and a great DM opponent to boot!


As usual, Quake mappers continued to churn out DM maps throughout 2001, a wide selection available for this category.

The nominations are:

And the winner is... Lacrima Christi, by a landslide majority. Superbly playable, jaw-droppingly beautiful.


2001 was not a bumper year for SP maps, especially the latter half after the sad demise of TEAMShambler. However, what the scene lacked in volume it made up for in quality, pretty much every Q1SP release this year was eminently playable.

The nominations are:

Again by a landslide, CZG07 - Insomnia wins, the pack that dominated the entire of 2001 by virtue of being released on New Year's Day. Truly unmissable Q1SP entertainment.


Mods are differentiated from map packs by being more than just packs of maps... ie the Mega Enforcers / cutscenes in Zerstorer.

The nominations are:

  • Colony - Glassman's superb debut map featuring tons of custom monsters.
  • DMSP / DMSP2 - play DM maps in SP, fight the monsters as they spawn in! Frenetic SP action.
  • Operation Urth Majik - long awaited map pack with custom effects and a good storyline.
  • Rapture - [Kona] and Tronyn's collaborative weird-out.

And the winner is... DMSP by a whisker, for its innovative gameplay and re-use of DM maps.


Custom engine development continued apace this year, nudged on by the release of the Q2 source code at Christmas. Still, there are relatively few (popular) custom engines around.

The nominations are:

  • TomazQuake - last year's winner: plenty of eyecandy and extra features.
  • MHQuake - some nice particle effects.
  • DarkPlaces - perennial favourite.

And the winner is... TomazQuake, which yet again proves it has the all-round goodness to stay on top.


They said it couldn't be done, they said it shouldn't be done, I agreed with them, then they voted for it anyway. So I take no responsibility whatsoever for the 'Mega-Akuma Award for Services to the Quake Community':

The nominees are:

  • CocoT - The force behind QExpo.
  • FrikaC - QC author and general good guy.
  • Shambler - Former map reviewer, TEAMShambler.

And the winner is... CocoT - and he would especially like to thank Horn, for making QExpo happen.


Now onto the new CHQ web awards, for the best sites in the Q1 community.


Relatively few contenders for this category, intriguingly. These sites are all paragons of Q1 author sites: plenty of good content, well designed, and reasonably frequently updated. Whichever way it goes, a win for PlanetQuake seems to be on the cards.

The nominations are:

And the winner is... The Fat Controller's Quake Map Shed. Which means Fatty has won 2 things in under a month. Be proud, my man.


All the main Quake1 news sites have been thriving over the past year, making this one a tough category to be in. All these sites provide well-written Q1-related news regularly.

The nominations are:

And the winner is... QMap. Can't beat that community feeling. Even if it is a highly elitist community. Scampie.


Several sites vie for contention here. A good review site should be up to the minute, well written and detailed.

The nominations are:

  • TEAMShambler - now deceased, but was still active for most of 2001.
  • TEAMFern - successor to TEAMShambler run by ex-map author Fern.
  • Religion Quake - Part of the DDLC, staffed by those two notables, ably assisted by Xenon.

And the winner is... TEAMShambler. It was possibly the best Q1SP map review site in the world, and has demonstrated an unnerving ability to win awards from beyond the grave.


Another full year of Quaking gone then. These awards are by no means all-encompassing, an awful lot of Quake has happened besides what has been mentioned here. The Quake Expo is worthy of a look, stacks of content there. Also make sure you stay tuned to all the major Q1 news sites over the next year - you wouldn't want to miss anything now, would you?

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