Here you will find descriptions, pictures (if I can be bothered) and downloads of my mods. Enjoy. If you can.


Tanx v.2 is a 3rd person shootemup in a similar vein to Scorched Earth, except realtime. Considerably better than Tanx v1. Still in development. Uses Darkplaces (tested on 20030607). Source code is now available, along with a few small updates.


Tanx is a tank game similar to Worms or Scorched Earth, but in realtime, and 3d. Inspired by the Amiga classic Tank-k-k-k and also Death Tank Zwei on the Sega Saturn, but with a modern team-based multiplayer slant.


    Swarm is a tiny little example mod (with source) on how to create a bee swarm that attacks targets.

      MECH. INF.

      MechInf is a coop mod, similar to Black Ops. Realistic damage and whatnot. This release is an alpha release, so don't expect much.


        My most complete mod to date. DM, teamplay suggested. One team are Fiends, the other are Marines. Fiends can move very (very!) quickly, jump great distances, and even run along walls and the ceiling. Marines have assault rifles and grenades. Rated 8/10 on the now-defunct Enigma Quake.


          Basically the full-dress rehearsal for CV3. DM. Playable. Silly.

            CYBERQUAKE v4

            CyberQuake v4 is an update of the original CyberQuake DM mod. The gameplay is similar, though killing those with greater frag counts will net you more frags than someone with no frags. Basically, kill things and use the frags from killing them to buy better guns to kill more things, and so on. DM only, bots (FBX) included.

              CYBERQUAKE v3

              CV3 (subtitled 'Enforcer Evolution') was my attempt to breath life back into CyberQuake, a mod I wrote a while ago, by pinching Max Payne's diving and rolling antics and applying them to Quake.


                One of my earliest mods - a bit buggy but still amazingly good fun, considering. DM. You spend frags on upgrading your body parts and weapon, customizing how you see fit. Gets a bit silly after 20-25 mins on the same map, since everyone is very powerful by then.

                  BLACK OPS

                  Black Ops is a Co-op special forces mod. The bad guys are just as hard as you, and have just as good guns as you, so the only thing to differentiate between you and the fifty or so of them is your wits. It's insanely difficult, so it's suggested you play in Co-op even if you're on your own.

                  Included in the download are three customized engines with new HUDs. You don't have to use these - any modern engine will work.


                  Battlemech is my big stompy robots mod. Strictly single player. It comes with a custom engine with pretty particle effects (basically a tweaked TomazQuake). You get cash for kills, which you use to upgrade your robot at the beginning of each map. You can complete maps in any order, and they'll get tougher as you progress.


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